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A Fashion Show in Support of Women in Need

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April 8, 2019

For the second year running, the LCI Education network gathered together to support women in need.

The second Magasin du Chaînon fashion show, which took place on March 19 this year, has helped to raise $10,220.

The La Chaînon organization is the largest women’s shelter in Quebec.

The fashion show was held at Magasin du Chaînon situated on Saint-Laurent boulevard. The organization’s primary source of funding comes from the sale of clothing, furniture and home furnishings donated by the community.

The team at La Chaînon called upon LaSalle College and Inter-Dec College to assist with coordinating the show.

Andrew McNally, a teacher with the International School of Fashion, Arts and Design at LaSalle College, headed up the team as Artistic Director. Lolitta Dandoy, blogger and teacher at LaSalle College, was among the guest stylists.

Hairstyling and Artistic Makeup students from Inter-Dec College, accompanied by their teachers, created truly outstanding looks for all the models. 

Canapés and refreshments were served by students from LaSalle College’s International School of Hotel Management & Tourism, as well as those from the Event Planning program.

Special mention should be made of the participation of Guerlaine Guerrier, director of LaSalle des Petits daycare center, as well as the director of the LCI Education Foundation Sandra Parker, who welcomed guests and helped run the show.

Well done to all those who contributed their talents and energy to help make this shared project a success!

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