LaSalle College and Inter-Dec College inaugurate their Student Corner

September 24, 2015

It was in a vibrant and colourful atmosphere that was held the official opening of the Student Corner, this Thursday, September 24th. Many students and employees from both institutions were gathered to assist the cutting of the ribbon and the unveiling of three artworks created by EN MASSE collective. Mocktails and a candy bar were also available to all! 

Three picturesque artworks 

Aiming to inspire LaSalle College and Inter-Dec College students and to boost collaborative spaces of the new Student Corner, these three frescoes illustrate the creativity and the know-how of our students and depict the Montréal vibe as being a student city. 

These impressive murals were created by EN MASSE collective, a collaborative design initiative launched in Montreal in 2009 to let young “neo-pop” artists explore the creation of a collective vision. Cartooning, graffiti, design and fine arts are all elements that bring together the EN MASSE collective. The artists develop huge black and white illustrative artwork, mainly based on improvisation. 

The collective has participated to some large and urban Montreal venues, such as Nuit blanche of Festival Montréal en lumière, Osheaga Festival, Escales improbables and Piknic Électronik, as well as worked for renowned companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Simons, and Sid Lee. 

This time, they gave life and a new dimension to the Student Corner’s walls, and that, for the enjoyment of LaSalle College and Inter-Dec College students. 

About the Student Corner 

The main objective of this initiative is to centralize all student services and to allow students to take advantage of The Plaza, an inspirational lounge designed to facilitate team meetings and ideal for relaxation and group meals. The Plaza’s configuration allows it to host a variety of events. 

In addition to The Plaza, the college’s student association, AGEL, now has its headquarters in the heart of the student corner. Meeting rooms will also be set up to facilitate appointments between students and teachers and lecturers. 

Finally, LaSalle College students are able to take advantage of all the following services under one roof:

  • Student services
  • Language and literature help centres
    • Centre d’aide en français (French Learning Centre) (CAF)
    • English Learning Center (ELC)
  • Professional services:
    • Psychological support service
    • Nursing care
    • Orientation services
  • Adapted services
  • Zoom Jobs, the student placement service 
  • International mobility services

Photo credit : Carol Ribeiro

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