Devoted to her students’ success, this fashion tutor uses a variety of teaching methods | LaSalle College Montréal

Devoted to her students’ success, this fashion tutor uses a variety of teaching methods

Joan Guay
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October 9, 2019

“Collaborate, share and disseminate with creativity and happiness!” This motto influences the daily life of Joan Guay, fashion tutor at the E-Learning School.

This great enthusiast leader, well-connected throughout the arts and fashion world, has acquired unique experience over time. Her personality, assurance and creativity make her an inspiring and motivating person.

An eclectic journey

Joan initially studied psychology then worked with young people. She considers herself to be a kind person who is able to create sincere, trusting relationships with others.

Then, her love for fashion took her on to studies in Fashion Marketing at LaSalle College. From stylist for the TVA group to chief stylist, then a freelancer, Joan formed relevant experience and connections in the fashion world.

Since 2015, she has taught with enthusiasm at the E-learning School. “I have developed very creative practical exercises to arouse students’ interest and enable them to grasp and retain the key aspects of being a stylist or a buyer in the fashion industry.”

Today, Joan is still very active in the industry. “I’m still a freelance stylist and I regularly attend local fashion events.”

Online courses bursting with creativity

Joan takes an original approach to exploring the different creative spheres and passing on her knowledge to students, with whom she is keen to make a difference.

In her classes, Joan has fun using varied teaching methods, to offer her students a unique and rewarding experience. For example, she sometimes gives classes live from fashion shows or magazine launches, invites conference speakers, or dresses up to immerse students in the class topic.

This tutor, who is devoted to her students’ success, also likes to involve them and get them to take part in fashion events, such as photo shoots or interviews. She wants to help them gain experience by offering them concrete work opportunities.