February 3, 2014
After five years of major transformations,
LaSalle College presents an updated visual identity,
faithful to its roots and aspirations!

Today, after several years of fundamental changes within the organization, including the activation of the international network and the shift to excellence in teaching, LaSalle College presents its new face, created by the Montreal advertising agency Tuxedo. Evocative of the college’s roots and aspirations, this change highlights the establishment’s exceptional development, synergy, and energy.

A dynamic visual identity
Replacing the former logo, which had remained unchanged for 25 years, LaSalle College’s new logo traces its origins back to the original logo developed in 1974 by the college’s founder, Mr. Jean-Paul Morin. This new visual identity reveals the dynamic nature and constant development that represents the institution, while demonstrating its roots in Quebec society since its first Montreal campus, founded in 1959. Presenting a modern design with fluid and contemporary lines, the new logo boasts more saturated colors, symbolic of a lively, energetic brand. The color red expresses the dynamic nature and roots of LaSalle College, while the blue is still associated with youth’s longing for knowledge. The circle, a genuine seal of quality, represents more than ever the establishment’s openness to the world and its global affiliations, as well as the origins of its students.

A college of great notoriety
A leader in private education in Canada, LaSalle College offers superior-quality education and demonstrates leadership through the continued improvement of its training programs and through its educational methods. LaSalle College is also the Canadian educational institution with the largest international presence and the largest fashion school not only in Canada, but also in Colombia, Indonesia, and Morocco. This allows the network to offer its students unrivaled opportunities for mobility, by allowing them to spend a period of time ranging from a week to an entire session at one of the 21 campuses of the LCI Éducation network, including Barcelona, Bogota, Istanbul, Jakarta and Vancouver. Today, LaSalle College is displaying a new image, as a reflection of its achievements and as a demonstration of its determination to meet the personal aspirations of its students in Canada, as well as those from around the world.

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