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Personal Protective Equipment Disposal at the College

Another Commitment to the Environmental Cause

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February 23, 2021

Great news! As of February 8, the College began its program to recycle personal protective equipment used since the beginning of the pandemic.

Instead of throwing this material in the regular garbage cans, you can use one of the 6 grey "Box-19" bins available throughout the Montreal College campus.  You will find them:

  • At the entrance of 2000 Sainte-Catherine West
  • At the exit of 1400 Du Fort
  • At the Security Desk located on the first floor
  • At the cafeteria (2nd floor)
  • At the Student Plaza (6th floor)
  • At the LaSalle des petits Daycare Center

The Laval Campus recycling bin is located at the entrance of the building.

Which equipment can be recycled?

  • Procedure masks (blue mask)
  • Fabric face masks
  • Gloves
  • Any other personal protective equipment, whether single-use or not:

o Visors

o Glasses

o Disinfectant wipe(s)

o Aprons

o Jackets

o Earplugs

o Hair and beard coverings.


When do I wear my mask for recycling?

  • Wearing the procedure mask (blue mask) is mandatory at all times when you are inside the College.
  • When you need to change your mask (after 4 hours of use), you can dispose of your mask by placing it in one of the 6 bins mentioned above. Once you do this , you make sure to put on a new mask immediately.
  • When leaving the College, please do not remove your mask until you are outside.
  • It is important not to reuse a procedural mask its first use.  It is a one-time only piece of personal protection.


A College...Green!

We are very proud of this initiative. It is one of the many efforts over the last few years that have allowed LaSalle College to achieve the level of Excellence for the Cégep vert du Québec Certification since 2013. Every gesture counts!