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August 31, 2015

For the 15th edition of the Fashion and Design Festival, thousands of people and students gathered at the Place des Festivals, August 21, 2015, to watch the cream of the crop collections from emerging Montréal and Barcelona designers at the fashiontainment GENERATION Z: a 360° fashion event

The designers, mostly Gen Zers from LaSalle College Montréal or Felicidad Duce (FDModa), School of Higher Education in Design of LCI Barcelona, two campus members of the LCI Education Network, got together for one single night to present the manifesto of a generation, Generation Z. 

Featuring Carlota Millàn (Barcelone), Diodati (Montréal), This is a Collection (Montréal), Fran Jiménez (Barcelone), Markantoine (Montréal), Pedram Karimi (Montréal), Settler (Montréal), Field of Ponies (Montréal) and Albec Bunsen (Barcelone), this fashiontainment translated into being the biggest outdoor back-to-school party. Also present, “Qualité Motel”, an all-electronic music side project created by the 5 band members of “Misteur Valaire”, was fiery and literally blew away the crowd during the show. 

This event inspired by the creative universes of the emerging and unconventional Generation Z, directed by Christian Pronovost (Groupe Sensation Mode) and styled by Milan Tanedjikov (Fashion Design teacher at LaSalle College Montréal), also allowed spectators to see a unique voging performance, choreographed by Alexandra Spicey Landé, founder and producer of Bust a Move

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Photo credits : Julia Mendiburu and Sam So

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