Game Jam 2022: a high level competition in video games! | LaSalle College Montréal
Game Jam 2022

Game Jam 2022: a high level competition in video games!

Game Jam 2022
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June 23, 2022

This April, second semester students in the AEC in Game and Level Design program had the chance to participate in the second edition of the LaSalle College Game Jam!

This event, organized by Olivier Vézina, a teacher in the program, took place over the course of nearly a month and had the objective to allow students to develop a video game based on a given theme. At the same time, it allowed them to add a first project to their portfolio as well as to live the experience of a team production.

Game Jam

The Game Jam began on March 28 when Mr. Vézina announced the theme of the competition to the participants: Fortune Favours the Bold. The students were divided into teams of 1 to 5 students, creating 4 French-speaking and 4 English-speaking teams.

The 8 teams competed to see who could best master the skills of programming, level design, game design, and even narrative design. A great challenge for the students who, supervised by their teachers, gave their all in this large-scale project.

Game Jam

The finale took place on April 26 when the teachers judged the games according to several criteria: fun, originality, presentation and respect of the theme.

Here are the results of the competition: 

  • First place: Edge of the blade, by Félix Bernier, FredBujj, DrLucasFocus and Yung Reivax;
  • Second place: Anarchy, by Timothon;
  • Third position: Dying Wish, by Crimson Rider's studio, Farkas1 and Kevin-Fournier

To see the other projects and details you can click here.

We would like to congratulate all the participants and give a warm thank you to Olivier Vézina!

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