2021 Game Jam on the Theme of “Pay the Price” | LaSalle College Montréal
2021 Game Jam

2021 Game Jam on the Theme of “Pay the Price”

Game Jam 2021
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June 9, 2021

LaSalle College took part in the 2021 Game Jam, which came to an end at midnight on May 7, 2021. Open to students of the AEC in Game and Level Design, this year’s competition saw over a dozen students who were all determined to show off their talents, despite only being halfway through their program.

The Game Jam ran for a month and the opening ceremony was held in class, with their teacher Olivier Vézina coming up with the unique theme of “Pay the price”. Students could work individually or as a team to design and create a functional video game based on the theme. The teams were free to use their own interpretation of the theme, which was sometimes more metaphorical than literal.

To really push students to the limit, the games were judged based on four criteria: fun, originality, presentation and relevance to the theme. The students were also able to put themselves in the judges’ shoes as they shared their constructive criticism on the games with their peers.

Here is an overview of the games designed during this event:

  • Fallen:

  • Flesh And Bones:
Flesh And Bones


  • Greed Of Men:
Greed Of Men

  • Cash Or Crash:
Cash Or Crash

  • Wait this isn't choccy milk:
Wait this isn't choccy milk
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