LaSalle College Presents the Order Project Preview at Fashion Preview #5

April 7, 2016

LaSalle College Presents the Order Project Preview at Fashion Preview #5 In this exciting world full of new opportunities and solutions, the strict definitions we know are changing to become more fluid. The established limits are shifting and barriers are breaking down. In light of this, a more tolerant world is bursting forth, where the cultural and geographic divides are becoming increasingly blurred and people are beginning to work together. This time of transition towards a classless society is expressed through an ironic collection of one-size-fits-all clothing produced by LaSalle College’s Fashion Design graduates. 

On April 6th, the public and media were able to attend an intimate and original fashion show, presented for the first time at Fashion Preview #5. The Order Project will also be presented during the Signature 2016 event, which will take place at the Olympic Park on Sunday May 8th. 

As LaSalle College teacher and creative director Milan Tanedjikov says of the Order Project: 

“It’s a quiet rebellion. 
It’s a reaction to fashion’s ever-changing cycle. 
It’s a popular movement towards basic clothing. 
It’s an ironic interpretation of the banal, everyday apparel rooted in the casual suburban
 “non-fashion” of the early 90’s. 

In anticipation of the Signature 2016 fashion show, these photos are a sneak peek of the Order Project. 


Two Featured Graduates 

Fashion Preview #5 has also been an opportunity for graduates Helmer and Travis Taddeo to present their skills and savoir-faire here in Montreal. 


Seeking technical knowledge, HELMER continuously pursued the highest levels of specialized training in cutting, design, textile design, and all crafts in the service of haute couture. Driven by the desire to outdo himself and take things one step further, he spent his entire career pursuing technical and artistic training, including that which is offered at LaSalle College.

After 20 years working in Paris for the biggest names in haute couture, luxury ready-made apparel, and performance arts, while at the same time showing his own collections, HELMER, having returned to Quebec and with the support of LABCREATIF, presents in March, his new Montreal collection Fall-Winter-Cruise 2007-2008 called... L’art et la technique maîtrisés (Mastered Art and Technique)... 

Highly acclaimed by the media and critics, this collection became the talk of the season. Currently, relying on a small team, he has begun to pool Quebec’s most refined expertise. 

Step by step, with his Couture line, ready-made line, his brand new line of accessories, and Stage Costume development, HELMER is building the foundation of a high fashion made in Canada brand. 

Travis Taddeo 

TRAVIS TADDEO is highly regarded by those who enjoy taking fashion risks, thanks to his creations that defy expectations and established norms in the realm of Canadian fashion. Known for his arrangements of minimalist lines and his unique blending of silk, jersey, leather, and fur, Taddeo offers simplicity and avant-garde through his bold marriages of luxury to urban fashion. 

About Fashion Preview 

Fashion Preview is, first and foremost, an avant-garde fashion project conveyed through a new and intimate concept that gathers a dozen Montreal designers of ready-made collections as well as a dozen local designers of fashion accessories together at the same location for three days. Fashion Preview allows the unique collections of Montreal fashion designers to be discovered.

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