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LaSalle College x Fashion Preview 9

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April 6, 2018

Graduates of the LaSalle College International School of Fashion, Arts and Design presented their highly anticipated creations at the ninth Fashion Preview. The fashion show was held on Wednesday, March 28, at the UQÀM Cœur des sciences.

Fashion Preview, Montreal's fashion week for designers, is an event that gives visibility to local creators.

The theme of LaSalle College's fashion show was "Beauty Pageant: Fashion Preview of all astrological signs". The models paraded caricatures of astrological signs, in a make-believe beauty contest.

Milan Tanedjikov, a teacher at LaSalle College, explains the concept: "This project is a reaction to the serious, complicated, difficult and politicized world. It's an escape made from pseudoscience, jokes, fun and nonsense."

Participating in Fashion Preview allows students to explore the creative process without commercial limitations or style constraints.

A challenge that LaSalle College Fashion Design graduates have brilliantly met, presenting an "experimental and grungy" show, according to Milan Tanedjikov.

Photographs by Françoise Tremblay. See all the pictures here.

To see the official photos, visit the Fashion Preview page.


Production: Milan Tanedjikov, Carol Ribeiro, Alex Nuku, Andrea Delgado Suarez, Anne-Marie Mauricio-Galvez, Tommy La and Berfin Kaya.

Stylism: Adriano Iuliani; Assistant stylists: Hannah-Sofia Gonzalez Morales and Sofia Silva.

Music: Seven Yuan.

Hair and makeup: Dalia Blanchard, Anne-Frédéric Tremblay and Juliette Morgane.

Student-creators: Elizaveta Rakhmankulova, Samuel Jourdain, Destiny Aigbokhae, Tomma La, Laura Camila Medina Cedeno, Natalia Daza, Sofia silva, Wismina Demosthene, Adriano Iulani, Marie Hudon, Yue Hao, Berfin Kaya, Dina Lifshitz, Keren Elise Deladem Creppy, Jude Sevillo, Yubo Guo, Adam Lester, Hi Zhang, Hannah-Sofia Gonzales Morales, Yixin Wang, Catherine Assaf, Xiaoshuang Li and Ruizhuo Yan.

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