Horizon exhibition

Art and Design Graduates Exhibit Their Creativity

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June 6, 2018

Graduates of the DEC program in Arts, Letters and Communication - Arts and Design Option presented their artwork to the public from May 1 to 6.

This annual Horizon Exhibition was held at the gallery on 1040 Marie-Anne Street East. The horizon theme was explored through three concepts: tracing geographical space (the line separating sky and earth), projecting into the future, and living together in a culture that often divides us.

The graduates refined their own conceptual approach by focusing on one of these three concepts.

This exhibition was organized as part of the program’s comprehensive project and represented the culmination of a two-year course of study. Artists were able to apply the knowledge of art history and analysis they acquired over the course of the program.

A private showing was held on May 4. Three recognition awards were presented at this event:

  • The Arts, Literature and Communication Department prize was awarded to Thea Thomas
  • The general education award was awarded to Vaea Luta
  • The people’s choice award was awarded to Meruyert Tazhigariyeva

Congratulations to the winners, as well as all the graduates!

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