Experience 2018

A Successful First Edition Tourism and Hospitality Fair

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May 23, 2018

The first edition of Experience 2018 enabled graduates of the International Hotel Management & Tourism School to present their final projects to members of the industry.

The very first Tourism and Hospitality Fair at LaSalle College was held on April 27 in Jean-Paul-Morin Hall.

Students in the Tourism Techniques program proposed packages and tourism activities for five destinations: Morocco, Dominica, the Maritimes Region, New Zealand, and Saint Martin.

Students in the Hotel Management Techniques program and the Food Service Management program developed innovative and realistic hotel concepts and food services.

Everything was well thought out: the menus and ambiance for various food services, virtual reality infrastructures, logos, websites, booking applications, marketing strategies, and financial plans.

Some teams even designed uniforms for future employees or made bath products incorporating the logo of their hotels.

A jury comprised of individuals from major companies such as W Montreal, Marriott, AQCQ, Air Transat, and the Birks Hotel rated projects and gave out awards.

The Fondation ARQ of the Association des Restaurateurs du Québec and the General Association of LaSalle College Students granted awards in excess of $3,000 to teams with the best projects as well as to students who obtained the best R scores.

Mr. St-Hilaire from the Fondation ARQ of the Association des Restaurateurs du Québec presented awards to the following teams and students:

  • Best Anglophone Project and Best Anglophone Food Service Concept: Red Oak (Mahsa Khalili, Janine Nascimento Silveira, Yona Quedoshim-Tovar, Jerry Stepman, and Alexandra Janet Sutherland)
  • Best Francophone Project: Waina Koura Hotel and SPA (Clémence Cauchefer, Anne Sophie Gérard, Sara Larco, Laurence Paré, and Tarsilo Pilotto)
  • Best Francophone Food Service Concept: Hotel HAU (Camélie Gingras, Sandrine Martineau, Mathilde Clark-Dumais, and Judith Rajotte)
  • Best R scores: Gabriela Posada Duque and Hadrien Saint-Lebe.

The Waina Koura Hotel and Spa team received the Coup du Coeur Award (to which Aimia contributed).

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