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E-learning School Graduate Named Entrepreneur of the Month

Valérie Lahaie
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July 31, 2019

Valérie Lahaie, graduate of the E-Learning School’s Multimedia Integration program and member of the Entrepreneurship Club at LaSalle College was named entrepreneur of the month in July 2019 by the Quebec student entrepreneurs club association (Association des clubs d’entrepreneurs étudiants – ACEE).

ACEE’s goal is to highlight entrepreneurship among college and university-level students. “Valérie has strengthened her skills and developed leadership qualities that make her an accomplished entrepreneur today”, according to an ACEE’s member.

From musician to entrepreneur

Valérie is already known for her participation on The Voice 2014, where she got into the finals. She is a singer-songwriter and pianist, but wanted to add another arrow to her quiver by becoming an entrepreneur. While studying at LaSalle College, she got involved with the Entrepreneurship Club at LaSalle College.

“I love sharing my ideas, discussing things with people and helping to organize activities. Getting involved in a club allowed me to do all of that, plus connect with a unique network, participate in the largest student entrepreneurship event in Quebec and have my first pitch experience.”

Valérie has used her experience with the Club to help set up her company, Espace PIANO BLANC. This place is dedicated to cultural events and showcases local artists with whom the general public aren’t as familiar. The intimate space hosts concerts every week in Vieux-Saint-Jean.

New skills to reach the pinnacle

Because of her musical career, Valérie was used to planning and selling, but she needed to learn more about certain things like marketing and accounting.

Her desire to become an accomplished entrepreneur pushed her to continue her studies. She studied in the Multimedia Integration program, offered by the LaSalle College E-learning School, to strengthen her web and marketing skills. As for the rest, she learned it “on the job,” according to her.

Congratulations Valérie Lahaie for your perseverance, your hard work and your ambition. What a well-deserved honor!

© Photo: Sébastien St-Jean / Agence QMI

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