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March 14, 2017

On March 14, the first event of the Early Childhood Education program (DEC) was held.

Four workshops on the theme of Educ-Action were offered to the students of the program.

They also attended a closing conference on performing arts used in child care, which covered a variety of topics related to their field of study.

Students from the different cohorts were invited to discuss various issues related to childhood education. They were able to brainstorm different angles of approach for the future of this field in Quebec.

The event, which took place in several classrooms of LaSalle College, was greatly appreciated by all participants.

Students of the college also had the opportunity to admire the creations of Early Childhood Education students at Salle Jean-Paul-Morin. Indeed, the participants could try their luck at a recycled toy contest.

Prizes, courtesy of the CL.IP store, were awarded to the winning teams.

A great success for all!

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