A Weekend at DreamHack, Largest Digital Festival | LaSalle College
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A Weekend at DreamHack, Largest Digital Festival

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September 20, 2019

DreamHack, an unmissable 100% gamer weekend, hosts a series of events worldwide and attracts more than 300,000 e-sport fans each year.

Fans of the gamer and digital lifestyle were able to take part in BYOC LANs (local area network bring your own computer tournaments), e-sport and cosplay tournaments, and see live music, exhibitions and more.

On site, enthusiasts had the chance to play video games created by our students and graduates. Shroud of Tenebris (3D Creation for Video Games and Game and Level Design) as well as Child’s Play, DreadWind, Little Bean, Wolfe Hunter and Little Demon (Video game programming) were on demonstration the whole weekend.

Attendees were also able to test their video game knowledge by attempting to decrypt our famous enigmas that had resounding success on Facebook.

Kiosk visitors were given a 25% discount on a day pass for Esports Central, the largest electronic sports entertainment complex in Canada and a LaSalle College partner.

Until next year, DreamHack!

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