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Donation of lunch boxes

CHUM employees warmly thanked by our ASP Market-Fresh Cooking students

Donation of lunch boxes
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August 6, 2021

The ASP Market-Fresh Cooking students ended their studies on a high note on July 28, by making more than 30 lunch boxes that they themselves delivered to employees of the Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM).

An initiative combining generosity and learning

This action definitely warmed the hearts of these essential workers, whom we can never thank enough for their dedication. Ms. Guylaine Proulx, Head of Food Operations at the CHUM, took the time to warmly thank the students for their initiative by addressing a message to their teacher: "Our staff had a great time thanks to your cohort of students that we had the chance to meet. Your dynamism surely contributed to the mobilization of your team."

After this beautiful day, it was time for the students to graduate and enter the job market, but it was not without emotion: "The students were emotional to leave today, a sign that we have succeeded in forming a real brigade!", says Jean-Daniel Le Berre, lecturer in Market-Fresh Cooking, after delivering the meals with his students.

The ASP in Market-Fresh Cooking: A complete specialization program

This generous initiative was part of one of the skills promoted in the curriculum of this program: "Setting up and serving of degustation menus".

The ASP Market-Fresh Cooking program is a specialization that students can access after completing a DEP in Professional Cooking. This specialization focuses on ten skills that allow students to learn new techniques and to anchor their knowledge in the kitchen: charcuterie, bakery, plated desserts, menu standardization and design, etc. Their training includes chef visits, company discoveries, meetings with producers, but also special events and activities, like this one.

Our students in action

Our students in action


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