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DEC Hotel Management Technique and Tourism Technique programs

The Main Differences

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February 23, 2021

With March 1st fast approaching, it's finally time to make your choice of college program, and you may be wondering about the many possibilities available to you.

Do you feel attracted to the hotel and tourism industry? Know that it's an exciting world in perpetual movement and evolution, which makes it a career of choice for people who are eager for adventure and can't hold still!

In fact, the International School of Hotel Management & Tourism at LaSalle College uses the ties it has forged with the industry to offer concrete programs adapted to the job market and representing the realities of the trade. The expertise you will acquire by taking one of these programs and during your internships will allow you to practice your trade around the world! Thanks to the common core curriculum, DEC students at the field of hotel management, tourism and food service will be able to acquire knowledge in the field of hotel, tourism and catering.

In order to help you make an informed decision, we have broken down for you the major differences between the DEC Tourism Technique and Hotel Management Technique.


DEC in Tourism Techniques - Specialization in Development and Promotion of Travel Products

The Tourism Techniques program will open the doors to an exciting career in Quebec, Canada or internationally. This program will allow you to work with experts in the tourism industry by developing innovative products for several exciting destinations. This program deals with tourism products and events and will teach you communication, marketing and tourism promotion, hospitality and guiding services, as well as financial and human resource management.

The tourism industry is an environment where you are rarely bored, both by the diversity of tasks to be performed and by the multitude of jobs and career opportunities.

Actively working in the industry, our teachers provide all the keys to success in entering the labour market.

This program opens the doors to a variety of development and promotional positions, such as tourism event coordinator or tour operator representative.

During your training, you will have the opportunity to work with professionals during visits, conferences and events, allowing you to have a foot in the industry by the time you graduate.

Finally, during this program of study, you may do an internship in a professional setting.


Hotel Management Technique

You privilege human contacts and you have the ambition to work in an international environment? The Hotel Management Technique program will open the door to a multitude of exciting professions in Quebec and abroad!

Our teachers, who come from the industry, will provide you with the tools you need to succeed and enter the job market. The program also offers practical experience in the kitchen and dining room (at the teaching restaurant La Classe), a workplace internship at a hotel or restaurant, as well as participation in national and international events and contests.

Our program focuses on essential knowledge in the hotel industry, but also on know-how based on the highest standards of service and hospitality and on interpersonal skills in local and international contexts.

In addition, the Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) option is available for this program! Students have the opportunity to receive practical, concrete and paid field training in the hospitality industry. A unique option in Montreal!

If it's the food business that piques your curiosity, LaSalle College also offers the DEC in Food Service Management. This program is designed for people who are passionate about fine food and the restaurant business. It will teach you all the tricks of the restaurant trade. The objective of this career path is to efficiently manage a food service, restaurant business or your own restaurant.

Graduates of this program may pursue university studies. In fact, LaSalle College has signed agreements with recognized universities (in Switzerland, Australia, the United States, France and Spain) that allow for equivalent credits for successful courses.

The program also offers practical experience including: dining room service courses (at the La Classe teaching restaurant), internships, as well as participation in several events.


And, if you are still hesitating about your choice of program of study, don't hesitate to contact one of our admissions advisors so that they can help you make an informed choice.




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