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September 19, 2017

The Creative Entrepreneur Program allows students to develop and refine their entrepreneurship skills.

Running from September 19 to October 29, the Creative Entrepreneurship Program (CEP) is a series of extracurricular activities carried out on a voluntary basis.

CEP allows creative entrepreneurs to improve the skills and abilities that can be used in their entrepreneurial activities.

The program includes the Bootcamp 2017, an event that takes place October 27–29, 2017 at LaSalle College.

Spread over an intensive weekend, the Bootcamp offers a series of activities focused on understanding the management tools that are used to start a business and succeed in business.

CEP’s mission is to provide a dynamic and creative learning environment where students can learn, develop and apply the skills and abilities needed to become imaginative and successful entrepreneurs.

Here are the workshops offered in the CEP:

  • I am an entrepreneur? (Donald Provençal)
  • Comprendre la structure de vos coûts (Nacereddine Ziani)
  • Comprendre vos sources de revenus (Luc Vuillermet)
  • Financing your business project (Liz Zawislak)
  • Stratégies gagnantes de commerce électronique (Fernand Campbell)
  • Techniques originales et peu coûteuses de mise en marché (Anthony Ibrahim)
  • Importance of LEAN in business start-up process (Joseph Fernand Ouellette)
  • Low cost and original marketing techniques (Hai Yang)
  • Web site and page Facebook design (Slim Barhoumi)
  • Expérience client (Pierre J. Carismé)
  • Sales and PowerPoint presentations (Josie Salvo Farella)

See Omnivox for full details.

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