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LaSalle College Is Mobilizing for the Global Climate March

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September 20, 2019

LaSalle College is announcing an educational day to allow students and teachers to take part in the World Climate March.

On Friday, September 27, events will be held around the world, including a climate march in Montreal.

Because of its commitment to the environmental cause and the exceptional nature of the event, it became essential for LaSalle College to become involved and allow students and teachers to take part.

This event reminds us of the importance of global issues.

The College actively participates in this movement and its environment committee implements as many initiatives as possible to promote eco-responsibility. The Donate and Take booth, the new waste material sorting stations, and the addition of plants to certain classrooms are a few examples of the committee’s actions.

The College is proud to concretely and significantly demonstrate its environmental awareness over the years. It has also held the Collège Vert du Québec certification (“excellent” level since 2013) for almost 10 years.

Clarifications will be provided shortly about the rallying point for all those who wish to join the community of LaSalle College during the event.

Click here to see the Facebook event.

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