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Hospitality Industry Immersion

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August 29, 2018

As part of the Student Business program, secondary students have been given the opportunity to truly immerse themselves within the hospitality industry at LaSalle College.

From 9 to 13 July this year, the 3rd and 4th year secondary students were able to discover different professions in the restaurant, hotel and tourism sectors through a diverse range of activities on offer.

They met with several stakeholders from this thriving industry, such as a tourist guide working in Vieux-Montréal, a hotel maître d’hôtel and a manager from the Ritz Carlton, one of Montréal’s most prestigious hotels.

They were also able to explore the work of true professionals, stepping into the shoes of mixologists while preparing cocktails (without alcohol) and a travel agent, by exploring the various touristic and cultural attractions of Oceania and the Pacific.

A superb week of experiences which have no doubt inspired future callings for a number of our students.

Currently in place in 27 high schools in the Montréal region, the Student Business program, established by Montréal Relève in the early 2000s, has to date enabled 18,000 students to experience internships and more than 1,000 organizations to get to know potential new recruits.

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