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Student Business in ECE - A Summer 2016 Success!

August 12, 2016

Over the course of July 25th to 29th, 2016, a dozen high school students spent the week at LaSalle College to participate in a "Student Business" internship, in order to learn more about the early childhood educator profession. The Montréal Relève organization oversees this program, which enables youths to become acquainted with a variety of professions under the supervision of a mentor. So ECE teacher Anik Routhier took on this role for the students, providing them with numerous opportunities for learning and action.

Indeed, it was a very busy week! The students participated in putting together educational activities and practiced expressive reading of children's books. They reflected on their personal educational values and those of the Quebec program. Additionally, they were introduced to a few intervention techniques and organizing childcare routines. Next, during a visit to the LaSalle College daycare, they immersed themselves for the first time in childcare services. This visit was paired with an involvement and observation session with the daycare groups.  Once the needs and interests of these groups were better understood, the youths had the opportunity to plan other activities, which they lead during a second visit to the daycare. This was all coupled with participating in outdoor time as well as lunch and nap routines, under the supervision of experienced teachers.

The group also produced a lip dub (video editing over background music) in the college's hallways in order to apply their teamwork and facilitating skills, which are essential for any educator!

In short, it was a lively 3rd year of Student Business in ECE. The youths left feeling motivated, happy and more confident! One student with reduced mobility even became a volunteer with the daycare and she should become a staff member next summer. Without a doubt, future educators are certain to be found among this year's interns! The group's mentor, Anik Routhier, has said she is quite satisfied with this week, which was one of the most pleasant opportunities to meet the next wave!


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