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Early Childhood Educator or Special Care Counsellor: Which Training to Choose?

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February 22, 2018

Are you thinking about getting training in education, but aren’t sure if you should become an early childhood educator or a special care counsellor? Find out which program really matches your goals with this detailed comparison of the tasks, desired profile and workplaces for each career.

Early Childhood Educator

Are you full of energy? Do you love kids? The Early Childhood Education program is designed for you. You’ll learn how to work with children from 0 to 12 years of age and will be able to meet their physical, emotional and psychological needs at early childhood centers or in family or school environments.

At the end of your training, you will obtain a certification that conforms with Ministry of Family standards. In addition, you’ll have everything you need to open your own center or a daycare in your home.


  • Meet child’s basic needs (hygiene, comfort, sleep, nutrition)
  • Meet their psychological needs
  • Meet their educational needs
  • Establish a partnership with parents and partners in the field

Desired Qualities

  • Be flexible in order to work in various childcare service environments
  • Enjoy the company of children
  • Work well with a team in an educational environment
  • Demonstrate creativity and open-mindedness
  • Show patience and understanding
  • Work independently
  • Demonstrate ability to adapt
  • Communicate and express yourself easily
  • Be in good overall health


Early childhood centers, daycares, school childcare facilities, coordinator offices, home childcare facilities, kindergartens, childcare centers, etc.

Program Details

Most teachers work in the field in addition to teaching at the College. They often serve as contacts for students after they graduate.

LaSalle College’s DEC in Early Childhood Education training focuses on practical projects and reflects professional realities. The program includes 40% theoretical courses and 60% practical courses, as well as 510 internship hours, which are divided into three internships.

Students have the opportunity to hone their skills at the LaSalle des Petits daycare. They have access to the department’s game library where they can borrow toys and games.


Special Care Counsellor

Are you known for being empathetic, affectionate towards others and attentive to others’ needs? The Special Care Counselling program is meant for you. You’ll receive training focused on helping relationships, as well as the support individuals and groups of all ages need to face behavior, development or school adaptation challenges.

The DEC in Special Care Counselling trains people to appropriately work with a range of clients having difficulties adapting or fitting in socially.


  • Work with people of various age groups having difficulties adapting or fitting in socially
  • Closely collaborate with various professionals such as remedial teachers, learning specialists, psychologists, occupational therapists and educational institution directors
  • Attempt to be a good influence on people

Desired Qualities

  • Love people and know how to be attentive to their needs
  • Enjoy diverse work
  • Appreciate human contact
  • Be open to others
  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Be able to work as part of a team
  • Be open to others
  • Demonstrate ability to enter into a helping relationship


Learning and rehabilitation centers, regular or special schools, group and youth homes, community organizations, long-term care facilities, teaching hospitals, detox centers, care facilities, etc.

Program Details

LaSalle College’s training aims to reflect the professional reality and is focused on practical projects. The majority of teachers are very involved in their industry, working in their field as well as sharing their knowledge at the College.

The program includes 50% theoretical courses and 50% practical courses, as well as 735 internship hours, which are divided into three internships.

LaSalle College’s DEC in Special Care Counselling differs from other colleges by focusing on specializing by clientele. This gives students the tools to work with a range of different clients.

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