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A Successful Third Edition for Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle

November 15, 2016

Last Saturday, the second-year Fashion Marketing students presented the third edition of Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle (SMCL). Four fashion shows were presented three times at the Jean-Paul-Morin Hall: DYSTANTOPIA, BLINK, DIVER-CITY and COSMO.

© Sébastien Roy



Dystantopia is the journey from an exaggerated present world where justice is denied and ignorance prevails, to an ideal perspective of a united society. Through the art of fashion and creativity we express our perception of what we hope to accomplish in our society’s future.

© Juan Palacio


Blink aims to recreate the world’s perception of pink and turn it into a representation of confidence, intelligence, and power. Thus, defying the stigma attached to femininity and redefining it, allowing women and men alike to be true to themselves and embrace their feminine side. Strength is no longer directly correlated to masculinity. Pink is the new black.

© Juan Palacio 



In the multicultural city that is Montreal, DIVER•CITY celebrates each individual’s differences but reunites them through denim. A new generation of fashion with no boundaries or restrictions will truly accomplish the long awaited democratization of the runway.

© Juan Palacio


When the night comes, our most intoxicating cravings occur and push our limits to their maximum – this turns the night into the craziest ones’ of our lives. Let us guide you through the music and the glitters of this unusual universe. You’ll discover a world where logic has been replaced by fun! COSMO will carry you into this parallel world, in between a dream and reality.

© Juan Palacio

This self-funded and self-managed event allowed students to apply the various notions learned during their training: fashion styling, budget management, model selection and scenography.

Once again this year, Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle was a real success, confirming its spot as a major event in Montréal’s fashion calendar!


To see all the pictures of the event, visit SMCL Facebook page.

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