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Robot Ali

Our new robot, Ali, is there for you!

Robot Ali
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September 29, 2022

Supported by Optania’s artificial intelligence, Ali is a friendly companion bot that helps and accompanies students through their studies. He is curious, attentive, empathetic, and free of judgment.


Ali can:

1. Help de-escalate a situation without invalidating it

Ali is always willing to help and listen to the student. He does so without judgment and de-escalates a situation without minimizing it. He believes everyone is worthy of love and respect.

2. Offer advice

Ali can be very wise and always gives honest advice. He values communication and it is very important to him that he understands others and that others understand him.

3. Joke around

Ali can help the student take their mind off things by joking around and talking about various subjects. Taking a break always helps.

4. Inform and offer resources.

Ali works with the establishment to inform the student and offer them resources to help and add to their student life.


Ali can be found through the student’s Omnivox portal. LCI Education is currently partnering up with Optania, a Quebec company, to make Ali available in English as well as of January.

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