Goldie Olszynko Receives the AQPC 2016 Honourable Mention

June 14, 2016

As part of the AQPC's (College Education Association of Quebec) 36th annual symposium, Goldie Olszynko proudly received the AQPC's Honourable Mention. 

Highlighting the expertise and passion of exceptional educators 

The AQPC Honourable Mention emphasizes the educational commitment of award winners, the quality of their work and the passion they show each and every day for helping their students learn and succeed. During a formal yet festive ceremony, the LaSalle College winner received the Honourable Mention to the sound of applause sustained by more than 500 peers. 

Speaking about the Honourable Mention award ceremony, the AQPC managing director, Fanny Kingsbury, indicated that: "It's a moment when you can really feel the pride, as much from on the stage as in the audience. Since the true value of a teacher's work is not always recognized by the public, it makes this event all the more valuable: of course, teachers take great satisfaction in the relationships they build with their students, in their progress and successes, but the presence and applause of several hundred colleagues constitute a significant acknowledgment. For the AQPC, the Honourable Mention award ceremony is an opportunity to publicly recognize the commitment, expertise, discipline and enthusiasm of the winners, which they bring to work daily to the benefit of their students and Quebec society. »  

About Goldie Olszynko 

Goldie Olszynko, English literature and language teacher, is an exceptional educator with more than 20 years of experience at LaSalle College, in general academic courses. 

With the success and well-being of her students at heart, Mrs. Olszynko uses her innate ability to connect with them in order to help them achieve their full potential. Her colleagues are all in agreement, highlighting the contributions made by Mrs. Olszynko who, always willing to share her experience and educational knowledge, has acted as a mentor many times during her years at the College. Each semester, she diligently supervises the English placement tests so as to ensure that each student is set on the correct and most beneficial language path. Given her desire to share her appraisals of the English language, Mrs. Olszynko is the driving force behind the annual Hooked on Books event, which allows general academics to be featured. In this way, this honourable mention recognizes the significant involvement of this teacher, who is a model for her colleagues.

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