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5 Places to Explore Near LaSalle College

Endroits près du Collège LaSalle à découvrir entre les cours au centre-ville de Montréal
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July 11, 2018

What is one of the undeniable advantages of attending LaSalle College? Its ideal location in Shaughnessy Village! This historic district in downtown Montreal is full of interesting things to explore. Learn more about five places near the College!

Canadian Centre for Architecture

The green lawn of the Canadian Centre for Architecture is an oasis of peace in the heart of the vibrant downtown area that’s perfect for picnicking or studying during the summer months.

Access to the CCA Museum is free for students. You can also visit Shaughnessy House, which is part of the museum. It was built in 1874 for Canadian Pacific Railway President Thomas Shaughnessy. That’s where the name of the district comes from!

Montreal Forum

The Montreal Forum has played an important role in Canada’s sports history. It was even designated a national historic site in 1997. The mythical building hosted the Montreal Canadiens hockey team from 1924 to 1996, as well as major concerts by artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Celine Dion.

The complex now houses a movie theater, a bowling alley, shops, a sports bar and a recreation center.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The MMFA is Canada’s most frequented museum, with more than one million visitors a year. It houses a collection of more than 41,000 works, as well as original temporary exhibitions that bring together various disciplines, such as fine arts, music, fashion and design.

Created in 1847, it is the oldest artistic institution in Canada.

Cabot Square

Cabot Square offers a resting place in the shade of its many trees at the corner of Saint-Catherine Street West and Atwater. It is teeming with cultural and recreational activities.

The intersection is a symbol of social diversity, housing a social economy project in the form of a social services office for vulnerable visitors, as well as a café run by the community organization L’Itinéraire.

Numerous Asian restaurants

LaSalle College is located in one of the busiest sections of central Saint-Catherine Street West. It is packed with shops, restaurants and small grocery stores. Give your taste buds a treat at the many Asian restaurants between classes!

Kazu (you’ll have to stand in line!), Kinka Izakaya, GaNaDaRa, Mon Ami, Ichifuku and more. You can treat yourself all year long.


Have fun exploring downtown Montreal!


Photo credit: Canadian Centre for Architecture, RDS, Affleck de la Riva and Tastet.

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