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Jakarta-Bali 2015: an unforgettable trip for 12 students

July 9, 2015

On June 4, 2015, 12 Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing students at LaSalle College Montréal, accompanied by 4 chaperones, travelled many hours – in fact, many days – to get to Indonesia as they embarked on their trip organized through International Mobility from the Montréal campus in Canada, in collaboration with the Jakarta campus in Indonesia. During the following two weeks, the students joined fashion and photography students studying at the LaSalle College Jakarta campus to visit, among other destinations, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and the exotic island of Bali with its breathtaking scenery. It was a trip filled with adventures and discoveries!

Centered around fashion, the trip allowed LaSalle College students to put into practice their many skills acquired in the course of their studies, including workshops in batik, ceramics and painting. The students also enjoyed going on several company tours lead by various industry actors such as designers, artists and manufacturers. 

Throughout the trip, the students had the chance to discover the architecture, temples volcanoes, mountains, countryside and plantations of different Indonesian regions – a lot to see and a lot to taste, too, given the country’s unique cuisine. 

Despite their fatigue, the students returned to Montreal with hearts and heads filled with memories they will long cherish. On top of discovering their mutual cultures, the students on both continents forged strong friendships.

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