E-Learning School - Online Info Session

On Wednesday, June 19, you will learn:

  • Why you should choose LaSalle College’s online education.
  • How our E-learning programs have been designed to fulfill the current challenges and needs of the industry.
  • How the proven methods we use keep you on track in your program completion.
  • How to use our powerful e-learning interface.


At the end of this 30 minute online session (6 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. ET), you will have the option to book a private phone appointment with our Admission Advisors to clarify any questions or concerns you may have.

LaSalle College E-learning

LaSalle College’s online programs allow you to take various classes, at times that suit you and wherever you like. A true online college!

Learn on an inviting interactive platform that combines illustrations, narration and questionnaire games to optimize your success.

Programs available: Fashion marketing, Administrative assistance, Interior design, Video game modeling, Computer graphic design and Multimedia Integration. 

Online training comprises two components: self-guided training and tutor-guided classes conducted in virtual classrooms.

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Weekly virtual classes

Attend classes in real time. It’s just like a real class, but you don’t have to travel to it! Save time and energy, and avoid the stress of transport!

With online classes you can: 

  • participate in audio-video conferences between the tutor and students
  • learn from live tutor demonstrations
  • collaborate with others using an interactive whiteboard
  • exchange ideas during presentations

Self-guided learning

Study the required material with a series of interactive and downloadable courseware and receive all the theoretical knowledge related to your program. The courses are developed by a multidisciplinary team of educational specialists, graphics designers and programmers in concert with subject matter experts.

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