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Study Abroad Program

Collège LaSalle | Tunis

Would you like to discover the treasures of North Africa’s smallest country? This is your chance to visit Tunisia. As the capital and the country’s largest city, Tunis is built on a series of gently sloping hills that lead to the Lake of Tunis.

Enchanting for its exceptionally rich history and most welcoming atmosphere, the city has many fascinating tourist sites including the Sidi Mahrez and Zitouna mosques, the Rue du Tribunal, Belvédère park, the Bardo National Museum as well as the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul.

The medina is a must-see not only for its palaces but – of course – for its souks where you can haggle for just about anything. The lively nightlife of the dazzling neighborhood of Sidi Bou Saïd is also not to be missed.

Note: All courses are offered in English only. A placement test will be imposed before registration for acceptance into the program.

Study Journey - Interior Design

Semester School
1 LaSalle College | Montréal
2 and/or 4 Collège LaSalle | Tunis
3, 5 and 6 LaSalle College | Montréal

Monthly Projected Expenses*

Accommodation (shared): 350
Phone: 30
Food: 250
Transportation: 40
Medical Insurance: 60

*In Canadian dollar, for reference only.

About Tunis

City Population: 1 056 000
Main Language Spoken: Arabic, French
Currency: Tunisian Dinar (TND)
Jan to May: 11 to 19 °C
May to August: 19 to 26 °C
August to Jan: 26 to 11 °C