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Groups wishing to be funded by the Government of Québec must obtain authorization from a Services Québec employment assistance officer before starting the program.


General information

Dates: October 25, 2021, to April 22, 2022.
Schedule: class hours are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Length: 570 hours – 5.5 months.
Diploma: Attestation of College Studies (AEC).
Location: hybrid learning—part of the courses will be online and the rest will be in-person at the Montréal campus: 2000, Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montréal.
Fees: $ 0 – admission and registration according to the Services Québec admission criteria.
Target audience: this program is suitable for individuals with education or experience in the food service industry.

This program is offered in French only.

Program objective

The AEC in Restaurant Services Management is designed to enable students to develop and showcase their entrepreneurial skills. Students will also learn about menu development, pricing, human and material resource management, and planning restaurant promotion strategies.

Career prospects

  • Restaurant/dining room/canteen manager
  • Restaurant owner - food services
  • Restaurant assistant manager
  • Bar/Banquet manager
  • Food service manager/caterer
  • Director - food services
  • Assistant director
  • Director of banquets

Admission criteria

Applicants are eligible for a program leading to an attestation of college studies (AEC) if they have a high school diploma or a level of education that is deemed sufficient by LaSalle College and they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have earned a diploma of vocational studies (DEP);
  • Interrupted their full-time studies or pursued full-time post-secondary studies for at least 2 consecutive semesters or 1 school year.

Course list

  • Food and Beverage Service and Wine Stewarding (60 h)
  • Supervision of Hygiene and Sanitation (45 h)
  • Restaurant Management and Organization (75 h)
  • Equipment Supply Management (75 h)
  • Restaurant Software (45 h)
  • Dining Room Management (60 h)
  • Human Resources Management and Supervision (60 h)
  • Convention and Banquet Management (45 h)
  • Control System for Restaurant Operations (60 h)
  • Restaurant Promotion and Marketing (45 h)