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Beginning in the Fall of 2023, as an international student who will begin a program in English, you will be required to meet some French language requirements to graduate. 

Consult our FAQ section.

What is the admission process?

We want to make our prospective students aware of the time frame for obtaining some of the required documents. It is your responsibility to act as soon as possible and make sure to have the document required on time.

Each step of the admission process is crucial. If a step is not completed, the applicant will not be able to proceed if the previous step has not been completed properly. To learn more about the processing time click here.

What documents are required to study in Québec?

If you want to study in Québec, you need the following documents:

1- Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for studies
2- A study permit

The College will ask you to provide the following documents:

3- an official copy of your birth certificate
4- a copy of your high school diploma or equivalent
5- a copy of your last academic transcript

You’ll notice that a proof of health and medical insurance must be provided. The cost of this type of insurance is covered by the college. Upon arrival, we will guide you the obtainment of your insurance card.

How much are the registration fees for an International Student?

The registration fee is $200 and this amount is not refundable.

How long does it take to receive the Acceptance letter?

If you are accepted, you will receive your acceptance letter within the next 5 business days.

What is a CAQ?

CAQ is the acronym for “Québec Acceptance Certificate” in French. You will also need a study permit in order to study at LaSalle College.

How can I obtain a CAQ?

This process can take up to 12 weeks so we strongly recommend you begin this process immediately. We also recommend that at the same time, you begin the process for obtaining your study permit in order to save time. If you already have your CAQ but it is expired, you must reapply and get a new one.

Once the College receives your application and your initial payment, we will send you an official acceptance letter. At this time, you will be able to start your CAQ process.

1) Download the form at the following link.
2) Complete and sign the CAQ application form.
3) You must provide a recent passport picture of yourself.
4) The fees to open and assess your CAQ file is $111 CAD. The payment can be made by credit card or money order to the ministère des Finances du Québec. Do not send a personal check because it could be refused and slow down the application process. If you cannot pay these fees with a credit card at your local Canadian embassy, you may add this amount to your first semester’s tuition fee payment and we will make the payment for you.
5) You must provide a photocopy of your passport clearly showing your name, photo, expiry date and passport signature.
6) You must provide the original copy of the College acceptance letter.
7) Although you have not provided proof of health insurance, Immigration Québec strongly recommends that you be insured. By attending LaSalle College, you will automatically be enrolled in a health insurance plan.
8) For any additional document that may be required, refer to the CAQ application form.

Information and application form for the obtainment of the CAQ:

Sending your CAQ
Immigration Québec
Service des étudiants étrangers
285 Notre Dame West. Suite G-15
Montréal, Québec H2Y 1T8 Canada
514 864-9191 (within Canada)
514 864-9231 (outside of Canada)

What is a study permit and how can I get one?

Once you have received your CAQ, you can begin the process for obtaining a study permit (visa), a mandatory document in order for you to study in Canada. You can acquire it directly from a Canadian embassy near you.

To obtain a study permit, here are the required documents*:

1) A CAQ
2) A valid passport
3) The original copy of your acceptance letter from the College
4) A proof of sufficient funds to cover the accrued costs of studying (tuition fees, personal expenses, etc.). The Canadian embassy also requires you present a copy of your past bank statements over the last 4 months to prove that you have sufficient funds to cover expenses related to studies. Please contact Immigration Québec for complete details.
5) A medical certificate
6) A police certificate

Please inquire with your local Canadian embassy for details related to payment.

*Please be aware that the required documents for the obtainment of your study permit may vary from country to country. Be sure to inquire at your local Canadian embassy.

Once you have satisfied all the criteria and that your file has been assessed, the Canadian visa office will send you an introduction letter. This letter is not the study permit. By this time, you should have received your acceptance letter from LaSalle College. Don’t forget that you must present these two letters along with proof of financial support at Canadian customs upon arrival at the airport in Canada. It is at the airport that your study permit will be generated. Do not leave your country for Canada without having the introduction letter in hand.

As an international student, can I work in Canada without a work permit?

Yes. Find out more about the criteria and details here.

Please visit the Study in Canada section of the College website for additional information.



The current situation can lead to many questions about planning your studies.

Consult our FAQ section.