FAQ - Admission | LaSalle College Montreal

What are the fees for an application?

The application fees are $50

When do I apply?

Contrary to other college level institutions, application is open all year round. You can choose to do a DEC, AEC or DEP program and apply anytime for the next starting semester.

How do I apply for a program?

To apply for a program at LaSalle College, you can come in person to the Admissions Office at 2000 Sainte-Catherine Street West, ground floor in Montréal or fill out your application in the Admission section of our website.

How long does it take to assess my file?

When is the next back-to-school date?

Please find the upcoming back-to-school dates here.

What are the admission criteria?

DEC: To be admitted to a DEC program, you must obtain a Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or its recognized equivalent.

AEC: To be admitted to an AEC program, you must be deemed by the College to have sufficient prior training and satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • To have interrupted studies for at least 2 consecutive semesters, or one year
  • To hold an agreement between an employer and the College
  • To have completed at least one year in post-secondary studies

You are also admissible to an AEC program if you have a Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP), and so long as one of the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The program allows you to receive a technical training that is not available in a DEC program
  • The program is a part of a training agreement between the ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur and another ministry or organization of the Québec government

To be admitted into an AEC program, you will need, if applicable, to satisfy the particular pre-requisites of a chosen program or course, meaning having completed specific secondary level courses and/or any other pre-requisites. Should you be missing any pre-requisites, you may be able to take some remedial courses.

Finally you need to satisfy the particular conditions established by the College. If you do not have the pre-requisites, your file may still be assessed and considered. If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office.

DEP: To be admitted to a DEP program, you must satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • To hold a Secondary School Diploma or its recognized equivalent, for example, an Attestation of Equivalence of Secondary V studies, or a postsecondary diploma such as a Diploma of College Studies (SEC) or a Bachelor's degree
  • To be 16 years old or more on September 30 of the school year in which their training is to begin and have earned the Secondary IV credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in the programs of study established by the Minister, or have been granted recognition for equivalent learning
  • To be 18 years old or more upon entry into the program and have the following functional prerequisites: the successful completion of the General Development Test or recognition of equivalent learning
  • To have obtained Secondary III credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in programs established by the Minister are required to pursue general education courses, concurrently with their vocational training, in order to obtain the Secondary IV credits they lack in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in programs established by the Minister

*Please note that some programs have specific admission requirements. You will find the information related to the program you are interested in on its web page in the “Admission Criteria” section. You can consult the complete list of programs.