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AEC in Fashion Styling (Online)

AEC | NTC.0L | Online
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AEC | NTC.0L | AEC in Fashion Styling (Online)

Are you ready to begin your career in fashion? A step-by-step strategy for breaking into the industry and becoming a fashion stylist

Fashion stylists bring their clients’ visions to life by choosing clothing and accessories for photo shoots, runway shows, etc.

Throughout this program, aspiring stylists will learn the skills necessary to break into this exciting field by gleaning knowledge and advice from professionals. 

You will be called upon to develop various fashion style genres, as well as the skills needed for each, through hands-on projects and real-world experiences in each program module.

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About E-learning

Learn more about this stimulating and interactive training method.


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Cristina Guraieb, costume designer and head stylist for the PY1 entertainment show created by Guy Laliberté, shares her professional experience.

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Spotlight on Our Graduates

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Blended e-learning

  • Distance learning combining self-study at your own pace (asynchronous) and guided sessions with a live tutor (synchronous)
  • To develop an eye for visual composition and proportion. To acquire commercial awareness including knowledge of designers, brands and trends.
  • To cultivate the ability to provide expert knowledge of products and style sets.

This program leads to an Attestation of College Studies (AEC).

  • Online/E-Commerce Stylist 
  • Freelance Stylist: Editorial, Commercial, Celebrity/Personal, Runway, Television/Wardrobe
  • Visual Display Artist: Merchandising, Prop & Set Styling, Products, Blogging/Social Media
  • Applicants having exceptional attention to detail, strong communication skills, and a sense of flair and individuality. 
  • Applicants with the ability to adapt to different work situations.

Have a training deemed sufficient and meet the admission criteria set for college studies.

Semester 1

  • Introduction to Fashion Styling (45h)
  • Evolution of Fashion Culture (60h) 
  • Psychology and Personal Image (45h) 
  • Elements of Fashion Design (60h) 

Semester 2

  • Fashion Marketing (60h)
  • Body Types and Ensembles (45h)
  • Compositions (60h) 
  • Personal Styling (45h)

Semester 3

  • Identity and Communication (60h)
  • Fashion Editing (60h) 
  • Fashion Publishing (45h)
  • Conceptual Styling (45h)

Semester 4

  • Fashion Marketing (45h)
  • Media Relations (45h)
  • Fashion Merchandise Management (45h)
  • Entrepreneurship (60h)

* The College reserves the right to substitute some courses. 

  • Microsoft® Windows 10 Professional Operating System
  • Intel® or AMD® 32-bit or 64-bit multi-core processor 
  • Minimum memory of 8GB RAM
  • 1To hard drive
  • Internet access
  • Chrome Browser
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1920x1080 (recommended)
  • Sound card
  • Headphones and microphone
  • Camera or smartphone
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

The software and material required for the course is compulsory. You can find certain softwares and school supplies at CL.IP store.