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AEC in Fashion Marketing - Buyer's Profile

AEC | NTC.1H | Online
AEC | NTC.1H | AEC in Fashion Marketing - Buyer's Profile

The Fashion Marketing—Buyer’s Profile online program offers a rich and dynamic look at an exciting profession, where you’ll be able to express your talents and even influence future collections! 

Get ready to expand your skills! During your E-learning experience, you will practice and develop professional purchasing skills. Whether deepening or updating your knowledge, you will learn about predicting styles and trends, the sales and supply cycle, the art of merchandising, purchase planning, fashion E-commerce, marketing and promotion, and fashion merchandise distribution.

Your intuition and aesthetic sense will be leveraged to analyze and predict trends.

Welcome to the trendy world of fashion!

About E-learning

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Joan Guay

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Fashion tutor Joan Guay has an original approach in exploring different creative spheres and passing on her knowledge to students.

Remote Learning

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Blended e-learning

  • Distance learning combining self-study at your own pace (asynchronous) and guided sessions with a live tutor (synchronous)
  • Master the tools and get to know the methodologies for purchasing strategies
  • Acquire a deeper knowledge of brands and their strategies, the major markets, and the challenges of distribution and consumption.
  • Integrate the new dimensions of the client experience into the purchasing strategy 
  • Learn the specifics of fashion products 
  • Understand the vocabulary of the fashion industry
  • Explore various trades and functions within the fashion industry. 
  • Understand processes and manage contracts. 
  • Master the tools and get to know the methodologies for purchasing strategies
  • Evaluate the needs of target customers and meet communication needs

This program leads to an Attestation of College Studies (AEC).

  • Retail buyers
  • Collections director
  • Retail Planner
  • Commercial buyer
  • Merchandising and Retail Coordinator
  • Collection Representative
  • Experience Manager
  • Social Media specialist
  • Communication and Press Representative
  • Artist and VIP Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Creative 
  • Trend setter
  • Loves team work
  • Aesthetic sense 

Have a training deemed sufficient and meet the admission criteria set for college studies.

Semester 1

  • The History of Fashion (60 h)
  • Fibres & Textile Analysis (60 h)
  • Fashion Marketing (60 h)
  • Fashion Occupations (45 h)

Semester 2

  • Creative Software Applications (60 h)
  • Accounting in Fashion Marketing (60 h)
  • Planning a Selection of Clothing and Accessories (45 h)
  • Retailing Business Study (45 h)

Semester 3

  • Budget and Financial Planning (60 h)
  • Business-to-Business Sales (60 h)
  • Choosing a Selection of Clothing and Accessories (45 h)
  • Business Communications (45 h)

Semester 4

  • Managing Fashion Merchandise (45 h)
  • Marketing and Planning Approaches (45 h)
  • E-Commerce (45 h)
  • Integration Project (120 h)
 * The College reserves the right to substitute some courses. 
  • Microsoft® Windows 10 Professional Operating System.
  • Intel® or AMD® 32 bit or 64 bit multi-core processor 
  • Minimum memory of 8GB RAM
  • 1To hard drive
  • Internet access
  • Chrome Browser
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1920x1080 (recommended)
  • Sound card
  • Headphones and microphone
  • Microsoft Office,Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Fibers and textiles kit (available upon request at CL.IP)