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DEC in Accounting and Management Technology

DEC | 410.B0
DEC | 410.B0 | DEC in Accounting and Management Technology

The Accounting and Management Technology program (DEC) trains students in various aspects of management, including supplies, sales, accounting, finance, market development, international commercial transactions, and supervision of personnel.

Knowledge of these concepts provides students with the skills to participate fully in the accounting cycle and provide technical support in the computer-assisted management of a business. In addition, the content of this program provides a concrete perspective of business realities, due to careful study and comprehension of the parameters affecting management and accounting.

Graduates of this program will have a comprehensive understanding of techniques that will be valuable assets in various types of businesses.

Program availability

Innovative Learning Spaces

LaSalle College’s active learning classrooms are equipped with ergonomic furniture and cutting-edge technology appreciated by students and teachers alike.

Entrepreneurship can be learned!

The Bootcamp is a series of activities organized for our students and mainly focuses on the understanding of management tools to start a business and succeed.

International Student Entrepreneurship Contest

International Entrepreneurship Contest

The International Student Entrepreneurship Contest allows LCI Education network students to obtain expert advice to help them develop their business plan.


  • At the Montréal campus

Real-time remote learning

  • Training provided entirely in distance mode, with a teacher and in real time (synchronous)
    • The internship (semester 6) could be done in a company with the virtual supervision of a teacher

The Accounting and Management Technology program (DEC) is geared towards developing versatile technicians capable of intervening at any stage in the accounting cycle and providing technical support to businesses’ computerized management.

This program leads to a Diploma of College Studies (DEC).

  • Accounting services
  • Retail sales or manufacturing: cost, overhead and stock management
  • Financial evaluation of projects
  • Business development and consultation
  • Businesses in economic sectors

Have obtained a Secondary School Diploma (DES) and completed the following program prerequisite:

  • Mathematics TS, SN Secondary IV or CST 5 (Math 436)


Have obtained a Professional Studies Diploma (DEP) and completed the following courses:

  • Language of Instruction from Secondary V
  • Second Language from Secondary V
  • Mathematics TS, SN Secondary IV or CST 5 (Math 436)


Have obtained an equivalent education or an instruction deemed sufficient. Every case will be analysed by the College.

  • Careers in Management (45 h)
  • Organizational Communication (45 h)
  • Accounting I (60 h)
  • Computer Management I (45 h)
  • Management (60 h)
  • Accounting II (60 h)
  • Marketing (60 h)
  • Computer Management II (45 h)
  • Statistics for Management (60 h)
  • Business Law (45 h)
  • Finance I (45 h)
  • Communications d’affaires I (45 h)
  • Human Resources Management (60 h)
  • Budget Planning and Control (45 h)
  • Macroeconomics (60 h)
  • Accounting III (60 h)
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management (75 h)
  • Management and Information Systems (45 h)
  • Database Management (45 h)
  • Global Enterprise and Corporate Environment (45 h)
  • International Trade I (45 h)
  • Finance II (45 h)
  • Entrepreneurship (45 h)
  • Cost Accounting (60 h)
  • Quality Control (45 h)
  • International Trade II (45 h)
  • Computerized Accounting (45 h)
  • Taxation (60 h)
  • Internal Audit (60 h)
  • Specialized Accounting (60 h)
  • Project Management (45 h)
  • Internship in Accounting (105 h)

* The College reserves the right to substitute some courses.

  • 3 Physical Education courses (90 h)
  • 3 Humanities courses (150 h)
  • 4 Language and Literature courses (240 h)
  • 2 Second Language courses (90 h)
  • 2 complementary courses (90 h)

The use of a laptop computer is mandatory (learn more). This laptop must be equipped with the Windows operating system to work with all software. Standard or student license software must be installed when requested by teachers.

The following features are required for PCs:

  • Processor: Intel I5 minimum
  • Memory: 8 GB recommended
  • Hard drive: 500 GB minimum
  • Screen: 14 inches minimum
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and LAN
  • Ports: minimum of one USB 3.0 port

We recommend purchasing an external numeric keyboard if your laptop does not already have one.

Required software: Sage 50, MS Office suite (Word, PP, Excel) + specialized software: MS Access and MS Visio, Dreamweaver CC, Adobe Acrobat Reader, TaxPrep.