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AEC in Entrepreneurship and Takeover

AEC | LCA.FP | AEC in Entrepreneurship and Takeover

Companies have long been the heart of Quebec’s economy. Behind commercial and social entrepreneurship (including the sharing economy, circular economy, etc.), there are entrepreneurs and buyers operating in an increasingly complex globalized world. This program, whose pedagogy is based in coaching, helps students understand and practice the skills they will need to be successful in business:

  • Designing their approach
  • Getting to know the company’s ecosystem and the cultural codes of entrepreneurship in Quebec
  • Understanding international business

The College offers a program for future entrepreneurs that will help them develop expertise in various fields. In fact, in the last semester, students will benefit from a pre-incubator-type program. Throughout their studies, students will have access to mentoring and support to help them realize their ideas and prepare to start up or take over a company when they graduate.

The program provides students with the skills they will need for the following activities related to the profession:

  • Creating a viable business plan and model
  • Finding funding
  • Communicating in the language of the target audience
  • Identifying constraints and opportunities
  • Selecting consultants and partners
  • Demonstrating sales and negotiation skills
  • Using their emotional intelligence, instinct, and resilience
  • Using efficient and effective technological tools to support the company project and business model

Program availability
entrepreneurship and takeover

Learn how to start a business, in 3 sessions!

LaSalle College offers an attestation of college studies program (AEC) in Entrepreneurship and Takeover, so that you can acquire all the skills you need to run a successful business.

Present your business projects during CEO

A Dragon’s Den-Style Competition where students in their final year of the Business Management program present their innovative business projects before a panel composed of industry personalities.

International Student Entrepreneurship Contest

International Entrepreneurship Contest

The International Student Entrepreneurship Contest allows LCI Education network students to obtain expert advice to help them develop their business plan.


  • At the Montréal campus

At the end of the program, students will be able to start up or take over a company. Students will have the necessary tools and support to get started or continue with a business.

This program leads to an Attestation of College Studies (AEC).

Future entrepreneurs have career prospects in every sector of the job market and economic activity, as entrepreneurs create new businesses or take over existing companies.

Plus, it is important to remember that during the program´s final semester, future entrepreneurs can carry out their projects in a pre-incubator.

Have a training deemed sufficient and meet the admission criteria set for college studies.
Specific admission criteria: 

  • A letter of intent and a resume enabling the College to identify their skills, talents and interests in starting up or taking over a company. 
  • Once applicants have been preselected, an interview will finalize the admissions process.

The program targets adults wanting to start up or take over an existing business, and who wants to learn new entrepreneurship and takeover skills.

  • In the last semester of the program, students will have the opportunity to carry out their projects in a pre-incubator. This will allow them to leverage the knowledge acquired during their studies
  • Students will benefit from customized support by a team of coaches from the industry, throughout their training
  • Students will form part of a small cohort, which will allow them to enjoy customized support and to orient their learning according to their business needs
  • Effective communication (45 h)
  • Action Leadership (60 h)
  • Business vision for entrepreneurs (45 h)
  • Business start-up or takeover (75 h)
  • Imagination and creation (45 h)
  • Problem resolution and decision making (75 h)
  • Marketing plan (75 h)
  • Staff and team (45 h)
  • Art of selling for today’s entrepreneurs (60 h)
  • Production and servuction (45 h)
  • Financial and accounting analyses (45 h)
  • Performance optimization (60 h)
  • Project 1 (195 h)
  • Project 2 (195 h)

* The College reserves the right to substitute some courses.

The use of a laptop computer is mandatory (learn more). This laptop must be equipped with the Windows operating system to work with all software. Standard or student license software must be installed when requested by teachers.
We recommend purchasing an external numeric keyboard if your laptop does not already have one. 
Mandatory software: MS Office suite (Word, PP, Excel)