Spotlight on our graduate: Mélanie Chrétien | LaSalle College Montréal
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Mélanie Chrétien

Name: Mélanie Chrétien
Study program: AEC in Fashion Styling
Degree obtained in: 2021

A graduate from the AEC in Fashion Styling, Mélanie Chrétien, received, at the end of her studies, the AURA Prize, which honors students from private colleges who have stood out during their school career with a unifying project or through their commitment within their community.

Mélanie won this prize for writing a magazine editorial with the theme of St. Valentine. She approached her project from the angle of diversity, highlighting plus size women, a topic she holds dear.

Project - Mélanie Chrétien

"I discovered in Mélanie a curious, dynamic, talented and self-confident personality. Among the projects on which we have collaborated, Mélanie has always shown real enthusiasm, originality and unfailing involvement. It is an honor for me to watch her receive this award. She will undoubtedly be a great asset in this industry", says Cristina Guraieb, Fashion Tutor.

Project - Mélanie Chrétien

Today, she continues to nurture her creative spirit in a profession that fascinates her. Inspired by anything out of the ordinary and body positivity, Mélanie is now a fashion stylist helping men and women find clothes that suit them.

Could you describe your career path?

“I made a career change at the age of 35, leaving 15 years in agricultural machinery and bodywork behind me.

I’ve always had a keen interest in fashion, especially plus size fashion. When I was younger, I would draw patterns in my size, due to the lack of diversity, which my grandmothers would make for me. With the arrival of the digital era, I became an expert in international plus size brands, in my own way. This is where my interest in inclusive fashion arose from.

Eventually, I discovered that clothes could improve the relationship some people have with their body, and help boost their confidence. So that was it... I wanted to enroll at LaSalle College and learn fashion styling.”

What is your fondest memory of your days at LaSalle College?

“The passion some tutors have is so contagious that you want to push back your limits. From the first few months, I wanted to try my luck with a few contacts one of our tutors gave us. One thing led to another and I found myself at my first filming studio, and then in my first photo studio.

Although these are two occasions that I’ll never forget, what I remember most is the people I had the chance to learn with online, the tutors, the other students in the group, the people in the studios, the photographers, the make-up artists… The diversity and passion of these people were so inspiring.”

What was your favorite subject in the curriculum?

“Conceptual styling is without the shadow of a doubt the class that captivated me the most. Learning various creative processes leading to the completion of a project, while learning more about yourself and deliberately pushing yourself outside your comfort zone are only a few examples of this class’s content. Thanks to this class, I learned to constantly foster my creativity.”

Could you describe the general impression you had when you started at LaSalle College?

“At the outset, I was more reserved and lacked confidence. I didn’t know what the program was really about. Now, I’m more confident about all the possibilities that have been revealed to me.”

What are the essential qualities required to succeed in your field?

“Passion, definitely, perseverance, of course, and organization, unfortunately.”

Who are the role models that inspire you and why?

“Music inspires me, words inspire me, painters inspire me, jewelers and milliners inspire me... Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to open your eyes. However, I must admit that I’m an undying fan of Dr Martens and everything that’s more marginal.”

Something to add that could inspire the next generation?

“Take the time to get to know yourself, keep an open mind, have fun and dress to please yourself.”

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