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The educational mandate

The educational mandate

The educational mandate of the LaSalle des petits daycare focuses on active learning to promote a harmonious development for each child.

Each child has individual characteristics, preferences, abilities and perhaps even talents that make him or her unique. Through specialized interventions, educators can identify and respect a child’s pace of development.

Educators seek to encourage children to learn by placing them in situations where they have to solve problems. All activities focus on each child’s real capacities and motivations based on his or her age group.

At LaSalle des petits, we teach children to respect others. Exchange and verbalization of emotions are encouraged in order to understand the needs of others and learn to compromise in the name of respect for oneself and others.

In a pleasant climate, the educators help children develop self-confidence and a sense of responsibility. They also learn to accept different views and opinions and are brought to understand how things, gestures, words and events can affect others around them.

The daycare shall ensure each child’s personal growth by providing activities, workshops and events based on the following 5 notions:

  • Developing physical and motor skills by discovering the five senses and participating during clean-up.
  • Exploring language through speech, movement, creative projects, music and singing.
  • Discovering the socioaffective realm by developing self-confidence, a sense of others and self-expression.
  • Developing a moral consciousness by helping children understand the difference between good and evil, maintain harmonious relationships with their peers and reflect on the consequences of their actions.
  • Exploring the intellect by way of games involving problem solving, classification and orientation in time and space.

What’s more at LaSalle des petits is that the play areas are divided into activity centers. Each room is equipped to cater to a specific age group. With a variety of learning materials readily at hand, children’s curiosity and creativity are stimulated.