About us


LaSalle College E-learning

Over the last decade, distance learning has taken on a new dimension as multimedia brings online education to the next level. In a world where professional success is increasingly dependent on the continuous acquisition of new skills, the mission of our E-learning programs is for learners of all ages, background and geographical location to connect to modern communication networks and access online courses.

Being accredited by the ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche, de la Science et de la Technologie (MESRST), E-learning programs in Fashion Marketing, Fashion Styling, Administrative Assistant, Interior Design, Multimedia Integration, Infographic Design, Video Game 3D Modeling, Event Planning and Management or E-business enable graduates to enter the job market with confidence and build a solid career.

Rich in media content, this user friendly technology allows you to take a course and navigate easily through its numerous interactive tools that encourage discussion and asking questions. Each course is made up of two parts: self-guided training and tutor-guided classes conducted in virtual classrooms.

Weekly virtual classes

Just like a conventional classroom, attend a class in real time but without having to move. Saves time, energy and eliminate the stress of traveling. Courses are administered by tutors who come from their respective industries and expose the realities of the workplace. LaSalle College’s E-learning tutors are in tune with industry trends and bring to you their knowledge and experience.

Online courses allow you to:

  • participate in audio-video conferences between the tutor and students
  • learn from live tutor demonstrations
  • collaborate with others using an interactive whiteboard
  • exchange ideas during presentations

Self-guided learning

Study the required material with a series of interactive and downloadable courseware and receive all the theoretical knowledge related to your program. The courses are developed by a multidisciplinary team of educational specialists, graphics designers and programmers in concert with subject matter experts.