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SIGNATURE, the book: In the media

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May 26, 2021

SIGNATURE, the book: The Future of Quebec Fashion

Where the next generation of designers and their creations are immortalized in LaSalle College's exclusive fashion book, SIGNATURE. 

After a noticeable hiatus, the SIGNATURE event - the largest fashion show in Canada and the academic highlight of LaSalle College's Fashion Design students is back, but this time as a prestigious and unique work of art! A monumental piece that pays tribute to the collaboration between the next generation of fashion designers and the big names in the industry: a 200-page book showcasing the creations of the 2020 and 2021 cohort graduates and much more!

"We invited some of Montreal's best photographers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists and models to collaborate on the project (...). This creative pool of talent reviewed over forty collections created by the 2020 and 2021 student cohorts to develop the story line for SIGNATURE, the book. Some brilliant pieces were included in this collection, while others were selectively chosen to create astonishing designs. The results were diversified, creative and spectacular." - Andrew McNally, Creative Director of SIGNATURE, the book, Teacher and Artistic Director of events at LaSalle College's International School of Fashion, Arts and Design.

The SIGNATURE team took on the challenge of creating a fashion book that would compare to those of major international fashion brands. This project required the participation of more than 200 students for whom it was a golden opportunity to push their talent even further and to work in collaboration with local artists within the fashion world.

This book is a partnership between the work of the College's graduates, Montreal visual artists and great designers who have walked the halls of the College at one time or another during their lives, such as Denis Gagnon, Marie Saint Pierre, the artists behind Matières fécales/Fecal Matter, Jérôme C. Rousseau, Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert, Claudette Floyd and Antoine Charlebois.

At the heart of this book, fashion and art intersect in different forms to demonstrate the incredible talent of many artists in this industry who connect, help, and inspire each other to create a unique masterpiece rarely seen in Quebec. SIGNATURE, the book, is a collaboration of art and a first step in the big leagues. 

"They have transformed, explored, defined, created, developed, and shared their art and what makes them true artists. Our world needs more beauty, innovation and happiness." - François Bousquet, Director of the International School of Fashion, Arts and Design at LaSalle College.

SIGNATURE, the book, is the start of a stylish and colourful summer season at LaSalle College!

SIGNATURE, the book will be on sale in the temporary location, Le Lab, an initiative of XP_MTL in collaboration with LaSalle College. 

  • Where? Place Montréal Trust (level 2-metro)
  • When? From June 5th and all summer long

Come and discover some of the creations of the Fashion Design graduates of the 2020 and 2021 cohorts.


Watch the final fashion show of the editorials that were featured in the very first SIGNATURE book:


Watch the timelapse of the SIGNATURE fashion show:


Watch Marie-Andrée Poulin's report on TVA for the launch of SIGNATURE, the book.

* In French only. 


Article in La Presse+

Article La Presse+ : Un livre pour les finissants du Collège LaSalle

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Photoreportage in La Presse

La Presse Photoreportage

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Article in Ton petit look:  

''LaSalle College launches a book to highlight the work of its Fashion Design graduates'' (loose translation).

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Mention in 7 jours magazine:

7 jours: Un premier livre signé Collège LaSalle

Mention in Fashion Magazine:

''LaSalle College launches Signature, The Book, showcasing the future of Quebec fashion.

Make space for a new coffee table tome. Signature, the largest fashion show in Canada and the academic highlight of LaSalle College’s fashion design students, has been reimagined as a book. The book release comes after a hiatus from the live event, and presents the creations of pandemic-era graduates from LaSalle College’s International School of Fashion, Arts & Design.''

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Mention in Fugues:

''Signature, takes the form of a prestigious and unique work! A tangible object that pays tribute to the collaboration between the next generation of designers and the big names in the industry. [...] In the end, we discover a beautiful object that is a celebration of fashion and art in different forms and that demonstrates the talent of many actors in this industry who meet, benefit and are inspired by each other's talent in order to create a prestigious work''  (loose translation).

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Joanie Pietracupa, Multi-brand Editor in chief at KO Média:

Story Instagram Joanie Pietracupa

Denis Gagnon, President & Fashion Designer at Atelier-boutique Denis Gagnon: 

 Publication Facebook Denis Gagnon

Audrée Bellehumeur, Fashion Stylist and Host:

Story Instagram Audree Bellehumeur

Kim Sullivan, Television Host at Global Montréal: 

Story Instagram Kim Sullivan

#mtlstyle, Mmode:

Story Instagram Mtl Style

Randy Smith, Fashion Stylist at Humankind Mgmt:

 Publication Facebook Randy Smith

Chantal Durivage, Founder & EVP Creative Affairs of Xp_Mtl and Mode & Design: 

 Publication Facebook Chantal Durivage

Publication Facebook Chantal Durivage

Place Montréal Trust: 

Facebook Place Montréal Trust

Stéphane Le Duc, Editor in chief at Dress to KILL:

Facebook Stéphane Le Duc

Mode & Design Festival: 

Festival Mode & Design

Sylvain Blais, Creative Director at Dress to Kill:

Signature, le livre - Sylvain Blais

Samuel Fournier, Stylist & Photograph at TEAMM:

Signature, le livre - Samuel Fournier

Gabrielle Boulianne, Actress & writer:

Signature, le livre - Gabrielle Boulianne

Vladim Vilain, Photograph:

Signature, le livre - Vladim Vilain

D.Picard, Photograph:

Signature, le livre - D.Picard

Andrew Ly, Beauty Director at Annabelle Cosmetics:

Signature, le livre - Andrew Ly

Another Species Agency:

Signature, le livre - Another Species Agency

Alexis Belhumeur, Photograph & Model at Montage Models: 

Signature, le livre - Alexis Belhhumeur

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