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Highlighting the Commitment of Eight E-Learning School Tutors!

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April 20, 2020
On March 13, the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in all schools in Québec being closed. LaSalle College was able to quickly react, offering our courses online by the following week, so our students could continue their session without feeling too much of an impact.

LaSalle College has been a pioneer in e-learning for 20 years, having always maintained that this form of teaching was a forward-looking solution. 

This transition to e-learning was, in particular, made possible thanks to eight tutors from LaSalle College’s E-Learning school. They helped train, prepare and provide technical and educational support to all of the College’s teachers to ensure a quick and effective digital shift.

Below is some information about the people who participated in this major educational project to ensure high-quality online teaching.  

Lyne Branchaud, bestselling author 

With more than 20 years of experience in events, Lyne Branchaud was, among others, asked by Provigo to take part in the Media Food Drive as well as various sponsorship events for President’s Choice. What’s more, for many years, she was the event coordinator at Uniprix. 

Today, in addition to being an Event Planning and Management tutor, Lyne helps organize conventions, offers conferences and provides consulting services. Lyne is also the author of L’organisation d’un événement : guide pratique [Organizing an Event: a Practical Guide], which is used by several educational institutions. She was writing a short guide for a new coordinator at her consulting agency when she came up with the idea of transforming her notes into a book. It’s now a bestseller.

Steve Côté, event planner 

Steve Côté has worked in the events industry for nearly 20 years. This experienced designer is bursting with creativity and lives to constantly develop new ideas and projects. Passionate about event planning and management, Steve has successfully put his creativity and leadership to work for a wide variety of events. In addition to the multiple contracts he has under his responsibility, he also volunteers on a variety of committees and is happy to share his passion by teaching at LaSalle College’s E-Learning School. 

Stéphane Demers, interior designer 

With an entrepreneur for a father and decorator for a mother, Stéphane Demers was immersed in the world of construction and design from an early age. But it was when he was 25 years old that he decided to return to school to get an AEC in interior design. It’s through his technical drawing and computer-aided design skills that Stéphane has really set himself apart.  Over the years, this designer has specialized in designing the technical boards needed to fully develop design projects. Stéphane has also been an Autocad trainer for more than 10 years and joined the LaSalle College team in 2011 as a tutor. 

Cristina Guraieb, costume designer and head stylist for PY1

A graduate of the prestigious Academia Des Artes, Cristina founded BlancNoire Inc., an image consultancy that has worked for big names like Lune Rouge, the Met Gala, the TIFF, Formula 1 and Guy Laliberté for the PY1 pyramid. What’s more, through her extensive knowledge of styling and fashion, Cristina has had the opportunity to collaborate with both Roberto Cavalli and Rick Owens.  

Cristina has had success after success in the fashion industry. Her experience in the luxury sector and her ability to build and maintain relationships have made her a magnate in Montréal fashion. This leader in upscale experiences, trend forecasting and business development is currently an online tutor for the Fashion Styling and Fashion Marketing programs at LaSalle College’s International School of Fashion, Arts, and Design.  

Valérie Mackenzie, interior designer 

In 2001, Valérie MacKenzie graduated with honors from the Académie International du Design in Montréal and began freelancing with several designers in Montréal, on various types of commercial and residential projects. 

In 2009, the interior designer decided to start her own interior design firm, specializing in design for single-family homes, offices, small restaurants and cafés as well as major renovation projects.  It was also in late 2009 that Valérie discovered her love of teaching. 

After more than 10 years as a Interior design tutor, she is increasingly fascinated by the evolution of online teaching. Over the years, she has become a content expert and has been involved in numerous educational projects. 

Walid Mahroum, graphic designer 

An active professional in the field of arts and design with a diploma earned in Spain, Walid Mahroum is an expert in the field of educational management as well as having well-honed skills in interior design, web design, film production and visual arts. With a master’s degree in Technology and Multimedia from Napoleon Academia, in Spain, Walid is a Multimedia tutor at LaSalle College’s International School of Business and Technologies. 

Esther Pelchat, speaker and etiquette specialist 

Esther Pelchat has a great deal of experience in business etiquette, protocol and networking. She has taken on a variety of roles in the past during major events, for Bio Québec and the City of Biotechnology, among others. In 2005, she led the 73rd conference of the Association Francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS), which is the largest multidisciplinary gathering for knowledge and research of the Francophone community. 

Since 2013, Esther has shared her experience and knowledge in business etiquette online with LaSalle College’s Event Planning and Management learners. She also works as a consultant, trainer and speaker.

Éric Simard, interior designer and SIDIM speaker 

Éric Simard, interior design tutor and speaker at the prestigious Montréal Design Show (SIDIM), has worked for more than 15 years in various realms of design. He also offers consulting and interior design services, as well as being a trainer.

Since 2007, he has been a tutor for LaSalle College’s online Interior Design program. Éric is very involved in the program and loves sharing his passion, his experiences as a designer, his tips and tricks and his recommendations. 2019 also marked his 5th year of speaking at the SIDIM.