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Techweek 2023

Techweek 2023

Techweek 2023
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December 7, 2023

Passionate Speakers


This event, organized by LaSalle College's Computer Club, Innovateurs en technologies (INT), is an opportunity for our Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence teachers and students to update their knowledge on "hot" topics in computer science and technology through activities, lectures and panels led by industry professionals. It's also an opportunity for our students to network with potential future employers through our Career Day.

Cybersecurity, cyberdefense, AI, augmented reality, chatbots, and much more. We were treated to an excellent variety of fields of practice.

Here are the week's speakers and panelists:

  • Jaafar Fehmi (UQAR)
  • Joël Qumper (Microsoft)
  • Bertrand Milot (Bradley & Rollins)
  • Joël Qumper (Microsoft)
  • Sébastien Bernard (Gologic)
  • Alexandre Gervais (Vooban)
  • Guillaume Peticlerc (MOOV AI)
  • Étienne Bolduc and Charles Cousyn (OPTANIA)
  • Eric Briand (LCI Education)
  • Steve Desjarlais (Heyday AI)
  • Jon Yu (
  • Jean-Luc SansCartier (Google Executive)

A Busy Career Day

The message got through - our IT, AI and video game students can't wait to talk to their future employers!

The student presence and atmosphere at Career Day was incredible. We're happy to see that our students have ambition. Attention employers, the next generation is here at the Collège!


The AI Club's First Techweek!


On the occasion of Techweek, we interviewed Nayara Rabelo Vasques, AI and Machine Learning student and member of the Ai Clarity Student Club! Here are her thoughts on hers and her club's first Techweek.



Involved Students


Student involvement in an event like Techweek is of major importance. We strive to offer them opportunities to rub shoulders with experts in their field of study. This gives students the chance to put classroom knowledge into practice, develop their technical skills and strengthen their professional network. 

For all these reasons, we're extremely pleased with student participation! Both by their attendance and by their questions, our students made their passion for our speakers known, and their interest in our products clear.

By taking part in this event, students were able to discover the latest technological innovations, which better prepares them for their future careers in technology. 

A big thank you to our inspiring speakers for sharing their expertise and thank you to the participants for their rewarding involvement!

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