60th anniversary | LaSalle College Montréal

LaSalle College’s 60th anniversary


Since 1959, LaSalle College has positioned itself in the educational field as a key player in innovation, entrepreneurship and openness to the world. In 2019, let’s celebrate our College’s 60th anniversary!

Trailblazer from the beginning

From an East Montreal family, Jean-Paul Morin founded LaSalle College in 1959.

Thanks to his passion, dedication and generosity, he revolutionized the private college sector and opened the door for the development of the fashion industry.

At the time, there was a palpable desire for change within Quebec society. This young entrepreneur set the mission to provide the population with career opportunities through teaching that was adapted to market needs.

In the LaSalle borough, which gave the College gets its name, the school taught secretarial work, the famous Speedwriting method, along with Nancy Taylor’s charm and finishing course.

Passionate about fashion and driven to innovate, Jean-Paul Morin created the first fashion school in Canada in 1973. Its reputation continued to grow, to become the largest fashion school in the country.

On the lookout for the latest pedagogical trends, Mr. Morin went from innovation to success, continually adding more programs through the years.

Looking to the future

Today, LaSalle College offers over 60 programs, placing innovation, entrepreneurship and openness to the world at the core of its educational plan.

Starting with 12 students in 1959, the College passed the 1000-student mark in 1979 and has currently reached 4000 students...


The College, now located in the heart of Montreal’s effervescent downtown, continues to innovate.

An online training pioneer in Quebec, LaSalle College offered its first program in fashion marketing as early as 2001. Nine online training programs are currently available.

The College was the first in the city to integrate virtual reality into its courses. Likewise, it stands out for cutting-edge collaborative classrooms, with ergonomic, state-of-the-art furniture.

LaSalle College also houses a technological laboratory called Techno-Espace, a hub for expertise and research designed to fit the needs of the technical fashion industry.


True to its founder’s values, LaSalle College places entrepreneurship at the core of its mission.

Each of its programs helps students develop their entrepreneurial spirit. Numerous activities, clubs and talks are designed to lead students to reach their full potential and brilliantly overcome the challenges of today’s world.

Large-scale competitions (ENTREPRISE and CEO) allow students to present their business concepts to a jury composed of industry professionals.

Global citizens

Step by step, the largest private bilingual college in North America built an international reputation to match the scale of its ambitions.

Today, the school’s population includes almost 40% international students, forming just as many ambassadors for Quebec.

This unique, multicultural setting allows all students to broaden their horizons and learn new ways of thinking, while developing into citizens of the world.

LaSalle College is behind the LCI Education network. The College exported its Quebec savoir-faire when opening its first LaSalle College campus in Morocco in 1989. Currently located on 5 continents, LCI Education now has 23 higher education campuses that educate more than 17,000 students from around the world each year.


Since its modest beginnings in 1959, LaSalle College has continually positioned itself at the forefront of education, training the generation that will shape tomorrow’s world.

A number of well-known figures have been educated by LaSalle College: Marie Saint Pierre, Denis Gagnon, Jérôme C. Rousseau, Markantoine, Annie Horth, Fisun Ercan, Thomas Tait, Mariouche Gagné, Marie-Claude Pelletier, Simon Bélanger (UNTTLD), Oscar Mendoza and Victor Charlebois, just to name a few.

In 2019, let’s celebrate our 60 years of innovation, entrepreneurship and openness to the world. Happy birthday to LaSalle College!