Social Sciences: International Studies

DEC | 300.A2
DEC - Social Sciences & Education | 300.A2 | Social Sciences: International Studies

The Social Sciences: International Studies DEC program prepares students for a wide spectrum of university programs by exposing them to various disciplinary perspectives on humankind and our world. This program allows students to acquire a general education that includes an emphasis on quantitative abilities and an introduction to basic principles in economics and business. LaSalle College encourages continuous exchange of know-how and expertise between its schools, its affiliates abroad and the world of business. This program focuses on intercultural education and responsible citizenship.

The program has three profiles: Global Vision, International Studies, and Individual and Society. The first focuses on a solid social science education with a focus on international realities; the second consists of an introduction to the fundamental principles of management and mathematics; and the third comprises prerequisites for psychology and educational psychology programs in universities.

As of now, at LaSalle College, students have the option to study in both French and English. It is our bilingual option.

Program availability
Bilingual Option

Expand your horizons by following between 25 and 40 % of your classes in the second language.


Students have the opportunity to travel for their project synthesis.

Sucess Plan

A variety of tools are available to favour both your educational and professional successes.

The three profiles in the Social Sciences program focus on interculturalism. Their goal is to invite students to see themselves as citizens of the world. The emphasis is on intercultural education and responsible citizenship.

Have obtained a Secondary School Diploma (DES) and completed the following courses :

  • Mathematics TS or SN 5e (or Math 526)
  • Language of Instruction from Secondary V
  • Second Language from Secondary V
  • Physical Sciences from Secondary IV
  • History from Secondary IV

Have obtained a Professional Studies Diploma (DEP) and completed the following courses:

  • Language if Instruction from Secondary V
  • Second Language from Secondary V
  • Mathematics TS or SN 5e (or Math 526)

Have obtained an equivalent education or an instruction deemed sufficient. Every case will be analysed by the college.

  • 3 Physical Education courses (90 h)
  • 3 Humanities courses (150 h)
  • 4 Language and Literature courses (240 h)
  • 2 Second Language courses (90 h)
  • 2 complementary courses (90 h)
  • Quantitative Methods (60 h)
  • Introduction to Western Civilisation (45 h)
  • Introduction to Psychology (45 h)
  • Research Methods in Social Sciences (60 h)
  • Introduction to Global Economy (45 h)
  • Introduction to Management (45 h)
  • History of the Americas (45 h)
  • Linear Algebra (75 h)
  • Calculus I (75 h)
  • Calculus II (75 h)
  • Globalization (45 h)
  • Integration Activity (45 h)

* The College reserves the right to substitute certain courses.

This program leads to a Diploma of College Studies (DEC).

  • Psychology
  • Political science
  • International relations
  • Athletics management
  • Journalism
  • Industrial and interior design
  • Architecture
  • Law
  • Human resources
  • Education
  • International studies
  • International and public relations
  • Translation