Procedure to request a LP

Explore the following sections before making a landing page request.
This will avoid delays and loss of time in the integration of it.
At the end you will find the formats to make the request.
Important: Avoid long texts, be precise in what you want to make known in the Landing Page

1. Identify the form for the Landing Page

1 FORM: It is possible to modify this form a little to allow the user to select the desired program or field of interest.

3 STEPS: This form is fixed, can not be modified, consists of 3 steps and allows the user to see all the programs available on campus. For the details of the available form fields, see the application form.

2. Select the sections for the content

Identify what type of content you want to add. It is possible to add several sections of content which is divided by columns of text, images and videos.

3. Select the tab content

This section is used to separate the information in maximum 6 tabs and allows you to organize the content in 2 or 3 columns.

4. CTA

CALL TO ACTION: Motivation to perform the action on the form or smart admission.

5. Download the file for made a Landing PAge request.

Download the file that corresponds to the type of form you want to use, within this format you can include all the text content you need, you will also find the sizes of the images and other elements necessary to complete the Landing Page.

Landing Page 3 Steps

6. Send Request

To finish, fill in the necessary spaces in the document, attach all the images and send it by email.