AEC - Fashion, Arts & Design | NTC1P | Men’s Fashion Designer

This Men's wear designer complementary program is intended for students who already have a degree in Fashion Design and wishto specialize in men’s fashion design.

It will allow graduates to perfect their knowledge and skills by addressing aspects such as the pressures of production and the particularities of men’s apparel.

By maximizing their designer knowledge, students may develop, in little time, a distinguished expertise that meets the needs of producers and importers of men’s fashion. They will learn garment construction adapted to male morphology, and produce prototypes out of patterns that were designed using techniques specific to such clients, as an extension of the techniques used by tailors.

Upon completion of the program, graduates may work in a number of positions such as :

  • Fashion designer
  • Product manager

Their tasks would include the creation, validation and production of men’s apparel collections.

  • Conception and technical drawing for menswear
  • Menswear pattern design I
  • Menswear techniques I
  • Menswear techniques II
  • Menswear pattern design II

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