Insurance and Financial Advisory Services
DEC | 410.C0
DEC - Business & Technologies | 410.C0 | Insurance and Financial Advisory Services

Students of the Insurance and Financial Advisory Services program (DEC) possess the dynamism and flexibility that pave the way to a wide range of professions in domains such as personal insurance, liability insurance and financial services.

The Insurance and Financial Advisory Services program was developed in keeping with the professions’ regulations and conditions, providing instruction in clams adjustment and underwriting, and the following three distinct areas:

  • Personal insurance
  • Personal financial planning and protection
  • Group and business insurance

Whether it be in the domain of personal insurance, liability insurance or financial services, graduates of this program will have the background and expertise to pursue an exciting and promising career.

Program availability

In this program, the use of a laptop computer is mandatory. Students must have a laptop or purchase one before beginning their studies. Only PC computers will be accepted. Standard or student license software must be installed when requested by teachers.

The following features are required for PCs:

  • Processor: Intel I5 minimum
  • Memory: 8GB recommended
  • Hard drive: 500 GB minimum
  • Screen: 14 inches minimum
  • Connectivity: WIFI and LAN
  • Ports: Minimum of one USB 3.0 port

We recommend purchasing an external numeric keyboard if your laptop does not already have one.

Required software : Only Sage 50, MS Office suite (Word, PP, Excel), Dreamweaver CC and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This program helps students to understand that two important aspects of the profession are prioritizing quality contact with clients and taking into consideration a full range of needs.

  • 3 Physical Education courses (90 h)
  • 3 Humanities courses (150 h)
  • 4 Language and Literature courses (240 h)
  • 2 Second Language courses (90 h)
  • 2 complementary courses (90 h)
  • Careers in Management (45 h)
  • Organizational Communication (45 h)
  • Accounting I (60 h)
  • Computer Management I (45 h)
  • Accounting II (60 h)
  • Marketing (45 h)
  • Computer Management II (45 h)
  • Statistics for Management (60 h)
  • Business Law (45 h)
  • Macroeconomics (60 h)
  • Home Insurance (60 h)
  • Car Insurance (60 h)
  • Tax Impacts (45 h)
  • Legal aspects of Financial Products (45 h)
  • Advertising and Promotion (45 h)
  • Customer Care in Personal Insurance (45 h)
  • Corporate Insurance I (45 h)
  • Finance I (45 h)
  • International and other Types of Insurance (45 h)
  • Corporate Insurance II (45 h)
  • Personal Investments (45 h)
  • Life Insurance and Disability Insurance (60 h)
  • Financial Planning and Retirement Products (60 h)
  • Accident Settlements (45 h)
  • Safety and Prevention (45 h)
  • Customer Care in Financial Services (60 h)
  • Corporate Customer Care (45 h)
  • Group Insurance and Annuities (60 h)
  • Insurance Management Tools (45 h)
  • Underwriting (45 h)
  • Professional Training (105 h)

* The College reserves the right to substitute some courses.

  • Credit unions and financial institutions (banks, caisses, loan societies)
  • Investment societies (trusts, mutual fund investment companies)
  • Insurance companies (personal or liability)
  • Brokerages (financial security advisors, liability insurance)
  • Claims adjusters, mutual fund sales, securities firms

Have obtained a Secondary School Diploma (DES) and completed the following courses :

  • Language of Instruction from Secondary V
  • Second Language from Secondary V
  • Secondary 4 CST (Cultural, Social and Technical) math option.
  • Physical Sciences from Secondary IV
  • History from Secondary IV, OR

Have obtained a Professional Studies Diploma (DEP) and completed the following courses:

  • Language if Instruction from Secondary V
  • Second Language from Secondary V
  • Secondary 4 CST (Cultural, Social and Technical) math option. OR

Have obtained an equivalent education or an instruction deemed sufficient. Every case will be analysed by the college.

  • This program leads to the granting of a Diploma of College Studies (DCS).

LaSalle College has reached special agreements with numerous universities, allowing its graduates to obtain equivalence credits for courses successfully completed.