Transportation Logistics
AEC - Business | LCA.5G | Transportation Logistics

Conceived as a response to the growing demands of the business community, the Transportation logistics program (AEC) is designed for students interested in pursuing a rich and dynamic international career in transportation management.

The International Transportation Logistics program trains highly-qualified technicians who are versatile, disciplined, very knowledgeable, and capable of resolving problems.

Throughout the program, students will learn the steps involved in transportation logistics from A to Z and acquire the knowledge required to work in the industry.

Program availability

By the end of this program, graduates will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in positions among the following four categories (including continental and intercontinental transportation):

  • Airplane transportation,
  • Boat transportation,
  • Ground transportation, and
  • Train transportation.

There will be a demand for graduates to assume various functions and work in varied environments:

  • Customs brokage offices,
  • Forwarding agents,
  • Commerce companies,
  • Consumer product companies and manufacturers (food products, mail and messenger services, clothing manufacturing, raw materials, engineering, etc.),
  • Warehouses,
  • Companies specialized in personal transportation and merchandise transportation, and
  • PME and national and international corporations in various sectors.
  • Transportation law, contracts and insurances (60 h)
  • Continental transport (60 h)
  • Intercontinental transport (75 h)
  • Warehouse and materials management (60 h)
  • Logistics-management (60 h)
  • Supply production chain management (60 h)
  • International payments (60h )
  • Customs and international agreements (60 h)
  • Distribution management (60 h)
  • Network logistics (45 h)
  • Control panel in logistics transportation (60 h)
  • Project logistics (45 h)
  • Road transportation and organization (60 h)
  • International logistics management (45 h)
  • Passenger transportation (60 h)
  • Inventory and warehouse management (45 h)
  • Integrated logistics (45 h)

* The College reserves the right to substitute some courses.