Student services

Financial aid

student servicesAll programs offered at Collège LaSalle are recognized by ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES) or the ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS), which allows its students to receive financial support under the Programme de prêts et bourses du Québec


student servicesAll continuing education programs offered at LaSalle College can be funded by Emploi-Québec. You will need to make a request with your local employment centre agent and meet the requirements.

Orientation and integration semester

student servicesThis program favours academic success and the harmonious transition between secondary school and college studies. Students will benefit from a choice of personalized and adapted courses that will meet their needs.

Psychological assistance

Its primary mission is to offer the best possible education in the best conditions. Life sometimes leads us down winding roads that need to be redirected with professional help. This is why the college offers you a free and confidential psychological assistance service.

Documentation centre

student servicesAt this modern library, you will have access to all sorts of medium such as books, magazines, DVD, CD-ROM, videotapes, slides and other audiovisual material. The collection of the documentation centre obviously covers all fields of specialization offered through training at LaSalle College. You will also receive sound advice from professionals who are at your service.

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Online, all the time !

student servicesStudents automatically have access to LaSalle College’s exclusive internal communication system. Equipped with the latest technology, the system allows students easy communication with management, teachers and fellow students to trade, share information and documents, or simply to consult their student file.

Orientation services

student servicesSOS – Academic and Professional Orientation Services

This assistance service is specifically intended for students who wish to pursue university studies following their college studies. Its purpose is to support and guide students in their choice of career by giving the information and advice they need. These appointments consist of individual, confidential and free meetings.

Placement services

With a placement rate of over 90%, LaSalle College is so proud of the success of its graduates that a free placement agency, Zoom-Jobs, was set up to cater to their needs.

Housing and greeting at the airport

student servicesIn order to provide the best human experience for their international students, LaSalle College offers them a personalized greeting service at the Airport by a college representative who will drive them to their residence. If needed, the college suggests different types of housing such as LaSalle College apartments, student residences, and host families.

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Computer lab

Located at the heart of the main square of LaSalle College, the institution’s computer lab was set up to meet students’ needs with respect to information research and producing their work.

Learn in French or English

student servicesLaSalle College is a college-level educational institution offering all its programs in English and French. To ensure the best learning conditions for everyone, the College offers a complete range of courses in students’ language of instruction and second language that are designed especially to meet the needs of students who do not speak French or English as their first language.

In addition, the College’s language school – the Montreal International Language Centre (MILC) – offers a wide variety of courses in a number of languages. These courses are based on top learning techniques, with experienced and devoted teachers and the latest technology: an excellent way to prepare for your training at LaSalle College.

For students requiring additional support, the College offers all its students a personalized pedagogical service to help them succeed in learning this new language.

Success plan

Your success, our commitment

LaSalle College offers its students one-of-a-kind training allowing them to get the most from their education in a multicultural environment and obtain their diploma.

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Recognition mention

Get involved and shine!

Are you looking to stand out with an employer or distinguish yourself in your university application? The ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES) or  the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) recognises your commitment and will give you a mention in your transcript for your involvement in an extracurricular activity.

Your commitment will allow you to increase your autonomy within a stimulating environment, all the while developing your sense of belonging. You will then have the opportunity to realize your true potential and have it acknowledged.

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