Corporate social responsibility

Learning about a profession while contributing to good causes

implications socialesWhat better way to help than to contribute to a good cause? Giving whole-heartedly and dedicating one's time can make a huge difference in the life of others less fortunate. This must be the belief of students attending LaSalle College's International School of Hotel Management and Tourism. Low and behold, each year these students take part in charity events in the best way they know how: by lending their skills. Congratulations to these students who are preparing for their future profession with brio!

Here are a few charity events our students took part in: 

The Fondation de la mode de Montréal's annual benefit gala

Upcoming event:
The 24th edition of the Fondation de la Mode de Montreal's benefit gala took place on May 6th, 2013 at the Olympic Park with guests of honor, Chantal Durivage and Jean-François Daviau, Co-presidents of Groupe Sensation Mode. 

implications socialesA one-of-a-kind fundraising event
Every year in May, the Fondation de la mode de Montréal hosts a benefit evening with over 1300 guests. The evening consists of a variety of events, including the awarding of students’ scholarships by a jury, a homage to a guest of honour for their contributions to the Québec fashion industry and the presentation of the LaSalle College International School of Fashion, Arts and Design's annual spectacular fashion show - produced entirely by graduating students who put together the set design, music, lighting and choreography for an evening to remember! 

The Fondation's objectives:

  • To grant higher learning study bursaries to young designers
  • To support research and development within the industry
  • To encourage teacher-lecturer exchanges
  • To facilitate student mobility by way of internships abroad
  • To bring forth major conferences and industry symposiums

The Fondation de la mode de Montréal is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1990, which provides higher education scholarships promoting university studies in fashion in Canada or abroad. 

Gala Hommage du service alimentaire du Québec

implications socialesSaturday, November 10th, 2012, at Marché Bonsecours, Montréal

During the 12th edition of the Gala Hommage that took place Saturday November 10th at the Marché Bonsecours, students served and catered to over 400 guests.

They impressed their guests with and exceptional food and service experience. These future professionals generously gave their time and their tips to the “Répit Québec” charity for handicapped children. Thanks to our students, disabled children will have a chance to go to summer camp next year.

The Gala Hommage is an event initiative from the food service industry. Each year, this event receives over 400 guests that support the “Répit Québec” charity. Executive directors, teachers and students from the International School of Hotel Management and Tourism prepared the meal for the occasion with pride.

LaSalle College joins with Ogilvy en fête for the love of children

implications socialesNovember 21st, 2012, at Maison Ogilvy, Sainte- Catherine Street West, Montréal

For over 20 years now, LaSalle College comes together with the festive gourmet and shopping frenzy, Ogilvy en fête.
During last November 21st' prestigious evening, over $260 000 was raised for the Sainte-Justine UHC Foundation.

A cocktail dinner with gourmet taste was made possible thanks to the generous participation of LaSalle College students and teachers from the International School of Hotel Management and Tourism.

Students also volunteered at the coat check and donated all their tips to the Sainte-Justine UHC Foundation.

Over 2 500 guests from Montreal's high society took part in this glamourous event in the name of providing children the highest level of healthcare.

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